I know I was sixteen once upon a time because I have a picture. Just one picture.

1963. I'm in the front, in the middle, arm on my knee.
1963. I’m in the front, in the middle, arm on my knee.

I had  a raging case of hormones. This was the summer after I graduated high school. I would be in college a month later. That’s what you get for skipping years in school.

As for what I was like? I vaguely remember what I did — nothing to be proud of — but I have no memory of what I was thinking. I’m not sure I was thinking at all. It was 52 years ago. Almost exactly.

That’s a long time and the details do get fuzzy.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

40 thoughts on “SWEET, SORT OF, SIXTEEN”

      1. Hormones.., Ahh yes.., I think I remember those. The great thing about hormones is that they seemed to obliterate all communication between me and my parents because.., what did they know? All I can remember is a sort of adult noise, much like the sounds of adults from “Peanuts”.


  1. You look good and it is good to have the family around you. I only manage that photo when I already had my to boys on a holiday in england, must scan it in. Tempo fugit and a little too fast. there are now too many people on the local cemetery that I knew.


  2. Hey, Serendipitous person, I really like your blog. Although we are from diffrent countries and cultures, I find so many things to identify to in here that I always come back.


  3. 16 I do wonder how I survived. I was full of it and not just hormones. I knew it all, felt like a grown up and didn’t have a clue. It was the last year before Abitur and the start into 12th grade. I know I was a pain. I smoked, had a drink for the first time (different laws in Europe) and ..well there were a lot of firsts 🙂


      1. I did NOT peak at 40. At least not physically. I was beginning to develop a lot of physical problems by then, though many would not get dangerous for another decade or two. Mentally, though, I rather like myself now. I feel very at home with me. Not beautiful, but comfortable.


  4. I love this post! I can really relate to it — hormones, just graduated from HS and off to college (for me that was 3,000 miles away from home, too young, and very frightening as well as a little exciting!). Great picture to go with it!


    1. I wasn’t smart enough to be scared … and getting out of the house was such a positive thing for me that everything else paled in comparison. It was a horrible, traumatic year, but I changed everything for the good … in the end.


    1. That was one of my good years, maybe my best — at least from the point of view of appearance. Those are my cousins immediately on my left and right. My sister is the strange looking very blond kid all the way on the right, in the front. My mother is sitting immediately behind her. My brother isn’t in the picture, nor is my father. I think my father was taking the picture, actually.


  5. You were so full of energy and good looking girl. Teenage has something which cannot be described accurately though many books have been written on this topic. It is a kind of high, a joy, carefree attitude which never comes in life again. Pic is a perfect one to revive good old days.


    1. I had plenty of energy, but I also had a lot of teenage angst … and some very well earned angst. I did not have an easy childhood and teenaged years were particular painful in many ways. I ran, top speed, out of my youth and happily embraced independence. I was not wrong, either.

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      1. Not at all wrong in your case. I’m happy that your book is being read by other bloggers too. You had a difficult childhood no doubt but looking at your pictures and knowing you no one can say so. Beautiful soul and such mesmerizing landscapes….


  6. 16… the middle of my hermit years. Most 16 year olds are out having the time of their life, and I rarely left the house other than to go to school. Almost zero social interaction, napped after school, stayed up late watching old reruns on Nick at Nite…. good times, I guess. There was good and bad to the way I spent my teen years, but it is what it was, and I guess in the end, I emerged enough from my shell to actually become a self sufficient person in adulthood…


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