I am living inside a bubble for a month because some kind of weird contagious disease is raging around in the world. I need to be protected. Wow, and there I was complaining my medical team doesn’t remember my name. Thanks guys.

Hotel de la poste new orleans

Like the upgrade to Windows 10, I have questions. Does Medicare cover this?

What disease is going around? Where’s the bubble? Does the bubble have a nice view? WiFi? Premium cable? Comfortable beds? Room service? Can Garry come too?

You mean … meals are delivered to order? This just gets better and better. I hope they know how to make a decent cup of coffee.


I’m already packing. Quarantine? Sounds more like a vacation — a hotel with room service and a view. Just what the doctor ordered (sorry about the pun) and I’ll need to know the dogs are cared for and someone else is paying my bills.

Please make sure you install a good telephone. And about the swimming pool …

You may have to force me out at gunpoint at the end of a month.


“Half of writing history is hiding the truth.” Malcolm Reynolds, “Serenity.”

We finally watched “Serenity.” It’s a consolation prize, a followup movie to the all-too-brief television series “Firefly.” We loved it. It went a small distance to answer the questions left in the wake of the premature ending of what should have been the best ever science fiction television show.


Nathan Fillion was a fine, dashing, surprisingly believable hero. He was just un-heroic enough to be witty and upbeat, but brave enough to save the universe.

Despite space ships and a futuristic other planetary setting for the movie, it’s a western. It’s “Tombstone” and “The Magnificent Seven.” A dollop of “Ride the High Country.” It is every thriller, western, and space opera you’ve seen. “Star Trek,” “Star Wars” and “Forbidden Planet,” too.


It’s based on “Firefly”, currently available on Netflix and Amazon Prime — so if you haven’t seen it and you like science fiction and/or westerns and/or thrillers, you can’t help but love this.

Heroes curse in Chinese. Some have super powers or maybe they aren’t super powers, but they sure do seem pretty super to me. Beautiful women, handsome men. Terrific pseudo-science that you are pretty sure you almost understand because it uses familiar gobbledygook language.

Serenity movie cast

No warp drive. I suppose that means that going from galaxy to galaxy on a whim isn’t going to happen. No one exactly says where the story takes place. It’s a “terraformed” planetary configuration that you would call a solar system, except that technically, there’s only one solar system because there’s only one “Sol.”

And then The Hero, Mal Reynolds, Captain of Serenity, said it. He’s the kind of guy you probably don’t want mad at you, so when he came out with a line this terrific, I wrote it down on the back of an envelope before I forgot it. I knew I would write about it.

“Half of writing history is hiding the truth.” Spoken by Malcolm Reynolds, Captain of “Serenity.”

I read a lot of fantasy, science fiction, thrillers, steam punk and weird mysteries involving some kind of magical or futuristic technology. But I also read a lot of history, recently a lot of history that essentially debunks all the history I read in the past and makes me completely rethink everything I thought I knew. Tony Judt’s “Postwar” was one such book, but there have been a bunch of others. Some of them I’ve reviewed or otherwise written about. Others, I will talk about in the future.

serenity movies firefly science fiction 1024x768 Fillion

But this so well summed up history as we know it. Not the “mythology” of history, which is what we were fed in school. Not mainstream history we are told is Truth with the capital “T” and that the majority of people accept at face value, if  they remember any history at all.

History isn’t about telling later generations what really happened. It ought to be — in my opinion — but actually, it’s about getting everyone to believe a story that supports the current power structure. Debunking those stories comes in the future, when a new power structure needs a different story.

Nathan Fillion Hero

Take your history with many grains of salt. Not because I said so, but because Mal Reynolds said so. He saved the universe, so he ought to know.


The leaves are changing. Too early. I think it’s the lack of rain. It has not been cold. No chilly nights to snap the color out of the trees. The only possible answer is the endless drought that is affecting much of the world … and a huge swatch of North America.

The rivers are empty again. I’m trying not to think about the well.

The trees are turning yellow quickly. In just a few days, they’ve gone from showing a bit of yellow, to showing mostly yellow. Fast, furious, and weeks too early.

And a link to Cee’s Flower of the Day, even though these aren’t all flowers!