Why do I get up in the morning? I don’t go to work, at least nothing for which I get paid. I rarely have an early appointment because I hate having to rush in the morning.

It’s the dogs.


They need water. They need a biscuit. They need a pat on the head. They need a person to remind them what their jobs are … which in a nutshell is “being cute.”

Okay, there are a few other reasons. I want coffee. My back has fused during the night. If I don’t move soon, I’ll need the Jaws Of Life to extract me from bed.


And then, there’s Serendipity. I want to see what’s going on, who’s on, who’s saying what about which thing. I spend too much time on the computer, but it’s my connection to a larger world. If it weren’t for the Internet, it would be like it was 100 years ago. I’d be a shut-in with virtually no contact outside these walls — a depressing thought.

bright kitchen morning

Finally, I get up because I like being alive and staying in bed represents surrender. To me. It may mean something different to you, but I think if I stop getting up, soon thereafter I’ll stop being alive.