His name was Alex. He was Greek immigrant. Dark and I thought handsome, he didn’t speak English at all when he came into our third grade class.

He learned fast. By the end of the year, he spoke English fine, but he never spoke to me. Girls didn’t speak to the boys in school — back in those far-off days. (Note: Outside of school, we spoke plenty and played together, too.)

Girls, if accidentally spoken to by a boy-person would simply giggle or sit frozen. There wasn’t much teasing going on. A little, but nothing like today. Mostly, there was little schoolyard or classroom mixing of the sexes. That would change soon enough!

Marilyn's 6th Grade class

Alex — all the way on the left, third boy in the row.

I don’t think I ever really spoke to him, though he continued to be a very handsome lad and I pretty much forget he ever existed until this morning.

Was it a crush? Or just my first awareness of a male person who looked really good? I suspect the latter. It wasn’t love and it sure as hell wasn’t lust. Maybe some admiration mixed with a hint of yearning. Talk about innocent!

What would I say to him? I think hello would be a good place to start … assuming I could recognize him at all.


VoiceScapes is a group of audio actors, directors, sound engineers, writers and producers who met and worked together annually in Missouri at the National Audio Theatre Festivals.

If you think that new radio drama is amateurish and kind of annoying, that “the good stuff” all dates back to the glory days of radio … I’ve got a surprise for you.


VoiceScapes Audio Theater is not merely as good as the stuff you may have heard from the 1930s, 1940s, and early 1950s … it’s better.

That’s right. Better. It sounds better. Better quality audio and more sophisticated sound effects. Much better acting. Gasp in awe at intelligent, often hilarious scripts. Tales to make you laugh out loud, other to make you weep. Storytelling like you’ve never heard it.

This is the good stuff. Especially for those who enjoy audiobooks, this is terrific listening. Audible listeners will recognize favorite narrators, too.

Give a listen. I’ll put my personal guarantee on this one!

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