72-Sign-Aldrich Creek-GAR_028

After visiting the oncologist today, Garry and I stopped at the supermarket to pick up a couple of things. It’s the end of the month, which means we’re out of money. I figured even so, we could afford the few little items we need.

Across the street from Hannaford, there’s a maple tree. Last year, it was stunning.


This year, the same tree …


This was taken a week ago, so there’s a bit more color now, but not much. On the way to the store from the car, I commented to the woman next to me that the maple tree across the road was scarlet last year at this time.

“Yep,” she says. “Gonna be a brown fall. It’s been so dry.”

“I’ll say,” I reply. “The well is low. We have no water pressure.”

“Tell me about it,” she says, frowning. “It’s supposed to rain tomorrow.”

“So they say. Hope they’re right this time.”

“Don’t we all,” she says, as we go inside and grab a couple of carts.

Garry and I were down at the creek a couple of days ago. It sure didn’t look much like autumn in New England.

72-Marilyn-Aldrich Creek-GAR_040

This is one of the places we go to shoot often enough that we know all the angles. Where to stand. Where you can safely put your gear down and leave it while you roam.

Every once in a while, we get lucky and we encounter visiting geese or herons. Big birds enhance our shooting experience. Sometimes, we even bump into humans. The last time we were in this park, it was in a sunny day in the middle of May.


The creek was deep and full. Lots of folks were out enjoying the first warm day of the year. Fishing, kayaking, picnicking. And of course, photographing.

72-Trout-Sign-Aldrich Creek-GAR_056

No people or birds this day. Just us. The creek is too low for kayaks or fishing. Probably too low for fish to even spawn there — this is normally a spawning area for trout — and that means no water fowl because there’s nothing for them to eat.

72-Aldrich Creek_001

The leaves are thinking about changing, but haven’t. Mostly, they are still green with hints of yellow or pinkish red. It is possible we aren’t going to have a really splendid season this year. We’ve had three glorious autumns in a row … perhaps this is going to be a not-so-glorious one.

A beautiful autumn has requisite conditions. Enough — but not too much — rain. A cold snap, at least at night, with temperatures close to freezing at least briefly. But we’ve had almost no rain and it’s very warm during the day. Warm, muggy, partly sunny, slightly overcast. High cloud cover that don’t look promising. It’s gotten cool at night, but not cold.

I would welcome rain. Even heavy, stormy rain that washes the leaves off the trees. I’d rather have a leafless autumn than an empty well.

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  1. I can’t believe the lack of color in that tree this year! Today it drizzled a bit, but that was it. And so humid!!


    • I finally gave in and put the A/C back on, just to dry out the air. It was like living in a wet sponge. According to Wunderground, there is a 100% chance of rain any time now. IF we get the rain they are promising (big if), it will probably pull the leaves off the trees. One way or another, it’s not going to be a beautiful autumn this year. Oh well.


  2. Wow! You look like us here in the West where it is always dry this time of year…we need rain too and things will progressively get worse for the farmers and for all of us who produce food….without water nothing grows. I will be praying rain for you too!


    • West AND east coasts and a lot of places in between. If it weren’t for the melting snow in the spring, we wouldn’t have any water at all. For the first time, the TV weather guys are talking about how much we need rain. Until now, they were strangely silent … but we had NO rain at all in August and almost none in June and July. I will pray for all of us because I don’t know about global warming, but there sure is global weird weathering !

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      • I agree that it is global weird weathering for sure…it struck me hard today seeing that you too are dry dry dry…our country is drying up! I will join you in prayer for all of us….and for your well too:) Hugs:)

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        • Thanks. I’m watching the weather and they keep saying there’s a 100% chance of rain … but they also keep pushing back when and changing it from “rain” to “chance of rain.” We ARE drying up. And it is very scary. Thank you!!

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          • Yes I agree and that is what we have had all summer with all the horrible fires….chance of rain goes from 100% to well oh sorry I guess we have no rain….same old story. I finally decided the weather people do not know anymore than us…they are seeing weather patterns they have never seen before…crazy weird! Seriously I do mean I am praying rain to fall on you and also for God to replenish your well! I have missed you and Gary! This entire year has been off for me…loosing Minnie, my kitty, took the wind out of my sails…I have a few moments when I feel like me and writing is easy but many moments I just can’t find words…so I lay low praying for me to come back and just write write write! Thanks for being my buddy…love you M.:)

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            • I understand. We lost one dog, Nan, and two others will be going soon. Our big Aussie has gotten so arthritic, he can’t function and he is obviously in a lot of pain. Our mini dox has cancer and it’s just a matter of time. Waiting for the end is horrible. That will be three out of four dogs in as many months. I have nightmares.

              And then … there’s the lack of rain. I’ve been watching the weather maps with morbid fascination as the clouds come and then dissipate. I thought it was just us, but apparently not. The humidity is 100%, so it’s breathlessly steamy. It SHOULD be raining.

              A lot of people are praying for rain. I think some of them are dancing too. This is not normally a dry region. If anything, we tend to flooding, but for the past 5 years, spring rains have been missing with water conservation in force by April, as soon as the snow melts.

              We are all praying for rain. We sure do need it.

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              • Ask, and your prayers are answered.
                Billy Starbuck, The Rainmaker.


              • Loosing our heart animals is very tough…it goes deep. Two of our Aussies are like yours…oldest, Tucker, who is 13 years old and has bad arthrious…but, she has a deep desire in her eyes to live more life…so we try to keep her comfy and pray. Dasher is about 12 years old and he has thyroid issues and even with his meds and not much food he is too fat fat fat…not sure how he does it but he is large. I am sorry you are also going through loosing your beloved pets. Ellie is two years old now and we need to find more puppies or rescue Aussies…and yes, the weather here is soooo dry. I try to dust one day and the next day I have major dust again on everything. Nights cool off a bit but days are hot, not so much humidity just hot. We desperately need rain…and so do you:) I join you in pray for rain and if we have to dance for rain well…I will:)!!!


  3. But there are still some good photos there. We are also down on rain at the moment. Autumn is still thinking about it, although we are in an area with a lot of deciduous (looked that up in Internet) trees so it is only my apple and a couple of bushes in the garden that shed.


    • The weather guys are still promising rain, though the sky is blue and the sun is shining. Supposedly sometimes soon … today … tonight … tomorrow??? But I looked at the weather map and the storm track is inland, so it looks to me like the rain is going to pass us by and fall on northern New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine. I really want to be wrong because we haven’t had rain … real soaking rain … all summer. The well is not happy. Forget about the leaves not changing. We need water!

      We have mostly deciduous (the ones that drop their leaves) trees around here. Pine doesn’t do well at this altitude. You must be higher up than we are.


  4. I’ll do my rain dance and send it your way. Can’t hurt, right? Done! Here’s to hoping.


  5. I’d be happy to send you some of our rain – it’s raining again today, and the kitchen roof still hasn’t been redone. Aargh.

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  6. It’s raining here today, but it’s still too warm and too muggy. The grass hasn’t stopped growing -yet- and my oaktree is still producing food and the leaves haven’t turned yet. It’s suppose to get cooler and we will get some rain on and off for the whole week, that will make a difference. I am waiting for cooler nights


    • Exactly the same here. The air is so heavy you could spread it on toast, but so far, no rain and it’s got to be at least 80 degrees out there. It better rain. It just better.

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      • This weather is not menopausal friendly. I had the windows open in my bedroom and woke up soaking wet. I turned the A/C on and that’s very unusual at the end of September.

        I hope your doctors appointment went well. I know you hate it.


        • Nothing remarkable. Just anemic, which I suddenly realized I’ve been before and I need to start taking Vit. D and iron and B12. It’s regular old Iron Deficiency Anemia, the most common and easily cured anemia. It’s always something, but that’s an easy one.

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          • I am too, take my daily iron pill, B12 and D3, not to mention the other vitamins for my RA. You know, those pill boxes come in handy…who would have thought 🙂


            • I remember why I stopped taking the iron and calcium … because they turn to rocks in my non-stomach. It’s a balancing act and my PCP doesn’t understand anything about post bariatric surgery and vitamin deficiency. Neither do most gastroenterologists unless they are specialists. But I do know something and this is information that’s easy to find and a problem that’s pretty simple to deal with. Iron in larger than standard doses for a few months, then regular doses. Citrical which also has Vit. D. Vitamin C — or buy some graprefruit and oranges, assuming they don’t look like they’ve been genetically modified (the last time I looked, they didn’t resemble anything I recognize as real fruit). B12, I need to get the blood test results. I used to get monthly shots. I may need them again for a while. I really do hate this stuff.


      • I walked outside and the sun came out.
        But soon it’s gonna rain, I can tell. Soon, it’s gonna rain, I can tell.
        And, the crik will rise, the good Lord willin’…


  7. I find myself actually excited by the thought of a good, deep soaking rain. Of course, I’ll be grumpy if goes on for more than a few days, but I still find it odd to see just how dusty the world is this year!


    • Mostly, I’m alarmed at the lack of water pressure. Which signals that the water in the well is very low and that’s alarming. We had the whole well cleaned and cleared and updated … but no amount of work is going to create water. Only rain. The air is so heavy and thick with humidity. I’m waiting!


      • It feels tropical up here in North Central Mass. Feels like hurricane weather. Hope its a few solid inches of water by the end of the week! Our well is very deep, but our neighbors are getting worried.

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        • Mom, don’t say hurricane weather. Just don’t say it. Still a week of baseball left in regular season and the Sox have a chance to finish at .500 and in 3rd place. Could happen.


          • There IS a hurricane meandering up the coast. I don’t know if it has made it out of “tropical depression” and gotten its big girl hurricane pants, but it is crawling up the east coast.


          • Ah, Garry, you eternal optimist, you! My husband has turned his attention to the possible “hot stove” moves in the winter. And we are pulling hard for the Cubbies this year!


            • Garry and I are pulling for the Cubbies too. They are the kind of hard luck story Red Sox fans relate to. Garry’s still hoping we can end the season NOT in the cellar and that the new management will recognize that they DO need pitching. We live in hope. The sun is out. No rain today.


  8. Wow! What a difference in that tree from how it looked this time last year. I hope you get some rain too. I would hate for you to have the well go dry after all the drama you have had with it. It’s been a cold but dry winter here, although in Geeveston we always seem to get some rain.

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    • That tree is my autumn alert. When it changes color, the rest follows. Only this year, there’s no color. Okay, not NO color. Just very little, very pale, still mostly green. And it isn’t raining yet. The air is heavy and thick and the sky is gray. Rain please!


  9. Here’s to the Northeast getting some rain. 🙂 We have very little color up here right now compared to years past.


    • There seems to be a general belief that this is not going to be much of an autumn. Too dry. And the water pressure is really low. I was worried it was just us, but a random check of people met at Hannaford assures me that it ain’t so. Everyone’s water pressure is low because the water levels have dropped. Please, yoo hoo up there? Rain please!

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  10. Global warming is messing with everybody’s Autumn. South Carolina, Texas and California have experienced terrible drought and you can add Oregon to that list now. We’re seeing some color already but our color doesn’t general come full for another 2-3 weeks. There’s nothing we can do about it. Bring on the rain!


    • I think the term “global warming” has people confused. It’s really global changes of normal weather patterns. Colder and snowier winters, warmer dryer summers. Not just here. All over the place including a lot of Europe and parts of Asia. I wonder if there’s anything left to do about it. And damn if the sun isn’t trying to come out. It’s supposed to be RAINING.


  11. In our sunny drought, I’ve read with envy of the rains in the East — it sounds as if those have missed you as well. I hope you get some good soaking rains — but please send us some of it too! The prediction here for at least the next 10 days is for more 90-ish weather! Hardly fall weather, even in So. California!


    • Weather patterns have been strange all over the place, east and west coasts. We’ve been in drought or near-drought for at least 5 years. Not as bad as you, but bad enough. Lots of wells going dry and around here, we live and die on well-water. There’s no alternative. No city water, no central reservoirs … so if the aquifer dries up, we are out of business. If it weren’t for the heavy snow melting in the spring, we’d have dried up and blown away three years ago. I wish you rain … and us too!


  12. What a difference in the maple tree. We had a few sprinkles today but didn’t amount to a thing. 😦


    • They are promising some serious rain tomorrow and for the rest of the week. They’ve promised before … and it wasn’t even a sprinkle. We need some good soaking rains. I don’t even care if it washes the leaves away … just so the aquifer gets fed!

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