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It’s such a brief period of time. Autumn comes and goes in a few weeks. The shortest of our seasons, the most spectacular. The most yearned for.

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For these brief weeks, I look out my window and it makes me happy. This is the view right now and for a few more days … until the leaves turn brown and the wind carries them away.


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  1. I would love to enjoy more and more pics of this awesome view from your window.


  2. Our autumn colours seemed to last forever this year. Maybe it was a sign or our very late spring. I love both times – the colours really lift me when I go out.


  3. Fall has always been my favorite season, especially in those years when the colors are spectacular. So far this year, there are just a few glimmers of gold and red – mostly, we still just have green.


    • It seems to just not be one of those blazing years. It has it’s moments. Sometimes we’re on the highway and suddenly, on either side, it’s just glowing … but of course, you can’t stop on I90 to take a landscape! Otherwise, pretty average. It isn’t as bad as the years when we get a hurrican and it washes autumn away completely!

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  4. Have always loved your Autumn photos…some of the greatest being from the windows of your house! The leaves are not turning quite so fast here, but Larry and I took a nice drive today and I couldn’t believe how beautiful the empty fields were — all sorts of colors you wouldn’t expect. I am not quite ready for Winter, so I am hoping that Fall lasts a super long time! 🙂


    • It was nearly 80 today. So far, so good. I’m totally counting on El Nino to save us from winter this year. I’m always delighted to hear from you 🙂


      • Wow…80! It hasn’t been quite that hot here, but close. Everything I keep hearing is that we are going to have a hellish winter here in KS, but they seem to say that most years. It’s usually not TOO terrible.

        I have been meaning to email, but I did just write a post a few minutes ago with the details of how I have been doing. Will try to write a personal email to you over the weekend!


  5. Autumn is a short time, but it is the best time.


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