We aren’t big on phones around here. We have a VOIP “landline” and a cell phone which I usually forget to turn on. But computers? We got them. And cameras. Lots of cameras.


Kindle and iPad

plugs roku and headphones


alienware side view computer


Most real communication is done via email. Electronic, non-voice. Oh, and Garry has a special caption phone, but since he hates telephones on principle, it doesn’t get much use.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Phones and Computers


    • Thank you. I try to make dull stuff less dull. That was my whole professional goal as a tech writer. A lifetime of making boring information understandable and occasionally interesting.

      I haven’t mastered the thumb-writing aspect of telephone communications, so I don’t text unless someone has a virtual gun to my head. I know how … it’s just so SLOW for this 10-fingered typist.


      • I discuss geo-politics with the dogs. They consider my thoughts and then Bonnie, our Scottie delegate, goes outside to share our thoughts with the other neighborhood dogs. I believe Donald Trump is no longer a viable subject with the dogs. Or so they say.


  1. Nice collection, glad you didn’t throw it all away,huh? Your hands look like you have a very good manicurist.
    I will have to post a picture of part of my old computer collection one of these days.


  2. I love email, it is my number one choice in communication options. But those under 45 prefer texts and have told me they prefer not to have to receive and answer email. I have a smartphone and can text but my fingers were made for typing and my thumbs were not. 🙂


  3. Great shots. We have a lot of computers here, about 5, of which only 3 are in use. I killed one with a cup of coffee and there is another one that is ancient and my son wants to take it apart to see what he can do with it.Then there are the phones and iPads. No landline as we just use the cell phones – much cheaper. But the tax department is behind the times and refuses to accept cell phones. Everything has to be done with their special email system online – it takes ages to get back and response.


    • We have 2 desktops — Garry’s and mine — which we never use because we love our laptops. I feel like we should do something with the two big desktops, but they are good backups. Just in case.


  4. It is always fun to look at your collection of electronic gadgets. You are a rich couple with lots of cameras, computers and phones…..owner’s pride, neighbor’s envy ! 🙂


    • No, it’s part of our cable package. I wish we had a REAL landline, but the price of them has gone out of sight. It’s more the $90 for a single “real” landline. So we all use VOIP, but if the electricity or cable goes out, so does the phone.


    • It’s the computer I use all the time. I have abandoned all others because this is my baby, my dearest companion. And I am STILL afraid to install Windows 10. Panicky at the thought my beloved Alien might lay down and die. Even Dell has gotten into the act, sending me reminders that it’s time to upgrade. They are closing in on me!


        • I’ve been gearing up to give it a try. I even went so far as to make a system backup, though in my experience, no system backup has ever been usable when the system crashes. It’s a conspiracy … but this weekend is Halloween, so …

          If no one ever hears from me again, you’ll know. Windows 10 ate my machine.

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  5. We have a land line too and a dumb cell that we haven’t figured out to retrieve the messages from. Email is so convenient and you know you aren’t bothering someone while they are making dinner.


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