I love pink flowers, pink clouds. Pink sunrise and sunsets. Just please, don’t make me wear a pink dress unless it’s hot pink or deep mauve!

22 thoughts on “NATURALLY PINK

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    • To be fair, these are all among my favorite pictures 🙂 I think you will also discover that good pictures stand the test of time. Most of us rerun our favorites from time to time … one look at them isn’t enough for me, and I’m assuming that looking at them again won’t displease everyone 🙂

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  2. Dear Marilyn, This post came out on November first, early morning for me to read and smile. You see my Mom turns 87 today, her name is Rosalie. She has always like pinks: not pale rose but bright pink or deep magenta. She had my Dad in the 70’s paint our front door “hot” pink. Then on a new split level with lower half consisting of red and white bricks, he painted every 4th or so, the same pink. When we wake up, I will show her this post. To me it is exactly perfect, simply “serendipity.” 🙂


    • I am very pleased that my timing was so serendipitously on target. Please wish you mom a very happy birthday from me, too. I think the idea of painting every few bricks pink is wonderful. I wish I’d thought of it 🙂


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