With rain, wind, and the ending of October, the trees are going bare.


It’s a strange mix between naked branches, remnants of green, and glowing autumn.


The in-between season. It’s mostly been warm during the day, chilly at night.


I love the warm weather. The longer it stays around, the better. I’m not eager for the not-to-be-named-season that comes next.



  1. I thought climate change was bringing us more mild winters and less snow. Instead it seems to be bringing extremes, if my memory is correct Boston had a little more snow than it really needed last year.


    • Worcester County got the the grand prize. We had 12 feet of snow, which is about 4 feet above normal. I don’t know what Boston got. A lot, but less that we got. However, “global warming” is a misnomer. It’s global climate change. It means a lot of extreme weather. Huge hurricanes, floods, drought, blizzards. Bitter cold and scorching heat. And all of it in the wrong places. Warm where it shouldn’t be, dry where it normally rains, raining where there’s already more than enough water. Climate change means warming at the poles, freezing in New England. It means the winds aren’t blowing on their usual tracks and we have super storms like Hurricane Sandy.


    • Hard to curl up on that bench, but it is a lovely spot in the summer if you bring a blanket. You can picnic on the riverbank, bask in sun or shade. It’s a lovely little park. If you are lucky, the herons will come to visit.

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  2. I liked the contrast, as you described it between the barren, dormant trees to the vibrant remnants of scarlet sumac and other underbrush, Garry. Beautiful but I have been wistful missing the days of summer, not quite ready to embrace frost, nor (shudder) snow.


  3. I love the cool soft grays of the birch trees and the bench against the red-leafed underbrush; a rich contrast; lovely photos! I won’t name the season that rushes upon us, either…only borrow an expression from H. Rider Haggard: ‘She Who Must Be…Endured’! 😊(at least snow photographs well!)

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  4. Yesterday I saw a picture of Garry in Marilyn’s post in blue sweat sweat shirt clicking photos of Autumn wood and I was expecting some marvelous shots today on Serendipity. These are beyond my expectations as I have never seen such a descriptively beautiful autumn. By the way you both husband and wife are not at all eager for not-to-be-named-season that comes next….lol 🙂

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