We have a lot of cameras in this house. I’m not sure how many, but a lot. I have five … six if you include the one I never use. Garry’s got two and I don’t know how many Bob has got, but all told, it’s quite a few.

Yet somehow, Bonnie has eluded our lenses and believe me, we have tried. Garry and I have been trying for 7 years. I have many blurry pictures of Bonnie’s butt as she runs out the doggie door.

Bonnie by Bob Mielke. Our little black rag bag. Are those eyes or something stuck in her coat?

Bonnie by Bob Mielke. Our little black rag-bag. Are those eyes or something stuck in her coat?

I have pictures of Bonnie asleep — which is the only time she is still — and I think at least one of her begging for something to eat. Otherwise, all the pictures of Bonnie have been with Garry firmly holding her. Sometimes it looks like he is strangling her.

Bonnie -- By Bob Mielke. Look world, she has eyes!

Bonnie — By Bob Mielke. Look world, she has eyes!

Bob’s been here just a month, but has managed to get two really good pictures of Bonnie. One shows her before her haircut. The other, afterwards. And you can see her eyes!

The first shot shows her in her natural state — looking like a pile of dirty black rags. Sometimes with eyes, often without any indication that there’s a dog in that mess.

We are hoping for future shots that show her more gloriously Scottie-ish. We will all keep trying. And she will keep running away before we can press the shutter.


  1. Wonderful shots of Bonnie. They are so alike, I can just send you pix of Morrie and you can say they are Bonnie! Morrie sleeps on his back with all four feet sticking straight up in the air. I can never get a picture, though, because he has some built in radar that makes him flip over just as I’m squeezing the trigger! Does Bonnie do this?


  2. I am impressed too. What not on earth can’t be done with these tools. Both the pictures are so good and with Bob staying there with you folks we can expect some more coming our way. Bonnie is a special dog with lot of energy and attitude.


    • What he has is patience and a good camera. And an eye for animals. My dogs are completely disobedient. In a very blatant way intended to show us that they are the masters and we their humble servants. However, their entire attitude alters when there are biscuits in the offing!

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  3. I had a dog at one time, and the only pictures I could ever get of him were Terrified Dog and Hand Holding Dog Collar. He was also gunshy, and may have seen that staring lens as being a gun pointed at him.
    I’ve also had cats who walk away from the camera, or will look quickly to one side, possibly because that lens is seen as an aggressive stare from an unknown creature.

    Bob, these are great photos. I like the shaggy one too, with just a glint of eye showing.


  4. Bonnie looks great when she’s just groomed and hopefully Bob will get a few more good shots of her for you. I love the name “Puppet Warp” I have not learned Photoshop but if I did I’d love a feature that would remove the smile from the perpetually grinning Barbie’s in my doll collection so they could portray different moods.


  5. So squirrels aren’t the only animals it’s hard to get good pictures of? I like her ragtag look in the uncut photo, but there’s something about those prominent ears sticking up in the clean cut photo that I really love. She’s a shy little cutie!


  6. I keep my cameras in continuous shooting mode, around 6 frames a second. It allows a more stable shot and let’s me get those fleeting expressions we sometimes miss. I learned this technique shooting so many animal shots at the Oregon Zoo.

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    • I always mean to turn it on when I’m trying to shoot the dogs, but by the time I remember where on the menu the setting is, the shot is gone. I overshoot. I shoot too many frames of absolutely everything. I used to shoot in continuous mode, but then instead of having to pare down a few hundred shots, I had a few thousand. I came back from Arizona with more than 5,000 pictures. It took me years to download all of them … and in the end, I just deleted many because I couldn’t deal with them.

      So … I don’t shoot in continuous mode, though it is very useful for shooting animals and people in motion. When I remember to change the mode before I shoot, it works out well … but usually, I only think of it too late.

      These are great pix of Bonnie. I really love the second one especially. Now if we (by “we” I really mean “you”) could get her grinning. Love the white teeth in all that black fur 🙂


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