Although the leaves have been falling for about a week, this morning, we had a storm of leaves. They were falling so thick and fast for a few hours, it was like a weird weather event. Now, at four in the afternoon, it’s over.


Our world is carpeted in millions of leaves that someone is going to have to clean up. If it doesn’t rain … and I do believe that rain is on its way. You can’t blow or rake wet leaves.


Many of the trees, including quite a few oak trees, are now bare. Yet there are a few roses still clinging to the bushes in the garden.


The forsythia bushes remain green while the Japanese maple is scarlet. Spots of dark red and gold peek through empty branches. It’s a strange time of year.


Oh, did I mention that the temperature is still in the 70s? It may look like November, but it feels like September. We are scheduled for lower temps by the weekend … but only down to the mid fifties, which is downright balmy by New England standards.


And there are probably a few million more leaves yet to fall.

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  1. We collect ours and pile them over the garden for winter, then come spring the earth is nice and rich underneath.


  2. Our leaves take some time to fall. But then again when the wind blows, then it is all on. Lovely photos


  3. I never clean up leaves… They’ll go away eventually either by decomposing or by wind. I just push them off of the driveways and walkways. The neighbors can kiss my left toe if they don’t like my messy yard. I don’t live in an HOA for just that reason. I hate grass, and leaves do a great job of killing grass. I’m about to go out and ask people for *their* leaves so I can cover all of this lawn with them since I don’t have enough trees yet to cover my lawn. But I will… someday I will.

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    • They become slippery as they disintegrate. They are already slippery, even freshly fallen. It’s all too easy to slip and fall. Cars lose traction when the leaves are dry. After snow falls and ice forms on them, you become a car trap, leaving you with no traction at all. I prefer being able to leave the driveway in the winter. Oh, and being able to walk to the mail box without breaking a hip.

      We don’t have a lawn, but we do mow the back yard. If we don’t, the ticks move in. Then we can’t use the yard at all, not even to just walk around or maybe sit and contemplate the beauties of nature … or take a few pictures.

      So we clear the leaves. Because it’s a godawful mess, not to mention unhealthy and dangerous if we don’t.


  4. “The Day The Leaves Fell” (53–Universal International) Richard Carlson, Julie Adams, William Conrad, William Hopper.


  5. This might be a good time to consider moving into an apartment and have a maintenance crew clean up. Or maybe hire a bunch of kids to make great piles of leaves, then charge them to jump in them. Probably a bigger mess but what could be better than hearing their laughter?

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    • Great ideas!! How ’bout having our dogs, led by Bonnie – Our Scottie, oversee the kids? That would really be a sight!!

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      • Please take photos! 🙂


        • My son, who is 46 and gray, came by with the blower and did the driveway and front yard yesterday. The backyard is about knee deep at the moment. It’ll have to wait. That big blower is heavy and that was a much as the “kid” could do in a day. Is it me or is the “fall” heavier than usual? It is definitely one of the super-size acorn years, so maybe that goes with a super leaf fall.


          • It’s you! 🙂 But seriously, we had to get my brother in law to come by to do our back yard. I would have done it but it’s his leaf blower and he’s very protective of it. The witchy woman next door watched him carefully to make sure no leaves ended up in her yard!


    • We’re a little short of youngsters around here. If there were, I would probably do that … except for the moving out part 🙂


  6. It’s snowing leaves here too. The puppy (almost 30lbs now) is happy, she thinks chasing leaves is big fun…makes me happy to watch her.


  7. Literally a thick carpet of leaves. You are showing us everyday changing landscapes of New England through your lens. It’s a nonstop Autumn party at Serendipity.


    • Sometimes, changes are very abrupt. This one, in just a week, went from a full foliage Autumn to nearly naked trees. And they are still falling and falling. Another few days to go, and then, it will be done. We’ll have leaves up to our shoulders!

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  8. Literally a thick carpet of leaves. You are showing us each and everyday changes through your lens. Words add beautiful interpretation to it. It’s a non stop Autumn party at Serendipity.


    • It’s pretty interesting how it’s changed so much in just one week. When I first got up this morning, the leaves were falling so heavily, it would have looked like snow, except for the color. I believe we have maybe two more days and then, it really IS over.


  9. Its good to witness the change of seasons through your blog. This phenomenon doesn’t happen where I live.


    • It depends on the type of trees you have … and the latitude. This is a “north of latitude 38 thing.” Much below that, the trees and seasons are quite different. We are at latitude 40 (mostly) and that makes our fall come about a week before NY, which is just 250 miles away.

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  10. We seem to be sharing the autumn weather. Luckily we do not live next to a forest, that begins just along the road. Now and again I have a leaft clearing sessions. There are not so many, but enouh to give me shaky legs and back ache.


  11. Hello Marilyn,My name is Dyone,  and I am from Jamaica. Would you be my mentor?I admire your writing style.


  12. So beautiful. Just who is this person who is going to go rake all those leaves and what would happen if he/she didn’t??? Is that your beautiful yellow car? Can’t remember what you said you bought. I love it.


  13. I actually heard a rumble of thunder while I napped today. Lots of rain, which was great for my leaf-clogged gutters. I’ll take the 60’s and 70’s while they’re still here, because I know that ain’t gonna last…

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    • It’s supposed to go down into the 50s, but around here, that ain’t cold. Barely cool. No rain until next week and that’s a maybe. I’m still worrying about water … but at least we’ve had some rain in the past few weeks. We even have some water pressure again. Maybe winter will take a pass and we’ll have a nice long autumn that segues directly into spring?


    • I’m with you, Squirrel!! Why couldn’t they have this weather for the World Series?


  14. It’s warm here, too. However, winds are kicking up and storms are coming. That means no more leaves.


  15. Awesome photos…love to see a carpet of leaves. It was warm here too…about the high 50’sF today and tomorrow should be in the 70:s I am not sure I have seen this in November before but a nice weekend to celebrate my oldest 37th birthday Saturday.


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