I’ve said I overshoot? I really do. Sometimes, I take a couple of hundred pictures and like only one or two … rarely, none. Then there are the days when there are too many I like so I don’t know what to do with them all.

Cee’s “Flower of the Day” has helped deal with the overage of flower portraits. When I was photographing my yellow roses, I took a lot of pictures and many — most — came out at least interesting. So, in the spirit of sharing (and using some more of the many yellow rose pictures) … I bring you more yellow roses.

All pictures were taken using a 60mm Olympus macro lens on the Olympus PEN PL-6.


Questions: I’ve got a vial of truth serum. To whom should I give it? Why should I give it? If I could figure out why… but ...

Answer: I can’t imagine ever giving a “truth” drug to anyone. I’m not a cop. I’m not military. I cannot imagine any situation in which I would need “the truth” at any cost and would need a drug to obtain it. I might give it to the dogs, just to find out which of our many kinds of biscuits they prefer.




Bonnie? Amber? Bishop? Would you prefer chewy or crunchy? Salmon or chicken flavored? Greenie? Arf? You mean … all of the above. Okie dokie.? You must be telling me the truth because I dosed your kibble.

Dogs lie. You just can’t trust them, but now, at last, I know the truth.


Photographs by Garry Armstrong

“Dead men don’t ride roller coasters,” said Gill Grissom on CSI.

I turned to Garry. “How would he know? Has he been talking to dead guys?”

“Well,” said Garry, “I haven’t been chatting with any dead people.”


So I got to thinking. If I were  dead, what would I want to do? Would I be inclined to haunt the living? To take revenge for insults real and imagined? To repeat activities in death I loved in life?


Would I want to travel the world, to see it without airport security? Pass eternity in the great libraries of the world, absorbing all the knowledge I missed in life? I haven’t the slightest idea what a dead person might want to do, assuming anyone gets a choice about post-life activities.

I believe — without a trace of evidence to support my belief — that whatever one does after death is not a choice. It’s a mandate. Whether it’s God or the Devil or Karma or absolute nothingness, it’s not a multiple choice quiz.


You reap what you’ve sown and, you don’t get to return to tell your friends what happened. On or off the Internet.


Photography by Garry and Marilyn Armstrong

It takes a village to raise a child. It take two photographers and a lot of coaxing to photograph a Scottish Terrier.


You could say that Garry and I teamed up … but I think if you were Bonnie, you’d say we ganged up. On her.


Forced her to sit still. Coerced her into letting us see her eyes. How undignified!


Although more than half the shots were blurry, we got a few we like. Presenting Bonnie. With and without her favorite person.