No Apologies – What’s the one guilty pleasure you have that’s so good, you no longer feel guilty about it?

That’s what Gibbs says. And that’s what The Duke always said. It turns out, in reality, most of us do a great deal of apologizing for all kinds of stuff. But never because things we love are currently out of popular favor.

casablanca movie-movie

This brings me to guilty pleasures via the back door. In our household, that phrase has a very specific meaning. It means movies or television shows we love and watch no matter what anyone else thinks of them. Into this category fit all kinds of stuff — from movies we loved when we were teenagers to reruns of TV shows about vampire cops in Canada.


When I was young, it was “A Summer Place” the music of Percy Faith and hunky Troy Donahue. I was only 14, so what do you want to make of it?

To balance the ledger, much later in life, I was so addicted to “Law and Order” I couldn’t go a day without at least one viewing. Fortunately it is always playing somewhere. Cable is good that way.

For Garry, it’s old TV cowboy movies and TV shows replayed on the many oldie channels. One year, we got the entire run of “Have Gun, Will Travel” and sang along with the theme song. It was swell.

And now we come to the “guilty” and “apologies” section. We are too old to apologize. If you don’t like our choices, feel free to not partake, to do your own thing.

Do you have a “thing?”

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  1. Apologies OK, but justifying everything you do is for me a sign of being insecure, so I try to avoid it. I had a colleague at work and she was always the best (she thought) but continually explaining and justifying all her decisions. Mr. swiss is quite into films and often orders a series on DVD but mainly German series from the TV and there are some really good ones I just read a book and watch the films in the background.


  2. Really cheesy pop music… but of course you already knew that. And squirrels… I’d imagine squirrels would be considered a guilty pleasure.


  3. As a young lad I lived for awhile in Abeline. One day, I heard on the radio that Richard Boone was coming to town, collecting money for a charity (don’t remember which one). Somehow, I convinced my mother that she should take me. I got to shake hands with Paladin and throw a quarter through the window of a stagecoach.
    How cool was that?

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  4. I have the sheet music for A Summer Place. Love the song, but I haven’t seen the movie in ages.

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  5. The old TV shows had something to offer. Our area of the country was late getting TV stations to put up booster towers, when we first started watching the Untouchables with Robert Stack there was so much snow you couldn’t see who was on the screen hardly.

    That brings to mind a very sour point with me today. Our government, in their wisdom sold the rights to analog broadcasting to Verizon, now we are stuck with such a lousy, weak, stupid, digital signal, a pair of crows flies over and we lose our picture. TV is also supposed to be for emergency warning and weather warnings. We have no signal now when there’s a tornado walking about in the neighborhood. What is been done is done in DC, Washington will never reverse itself regardless of people missing weather warnings. That is the price we pay for such a perfect digital picture, when it does works right. I don’t need to see there beauty marks!

    We watched a lot a TV at one time, my wife just loved Tom Sellick in his early detective show, it must have affected me also. I told her one morning, “Tom Sellick is not going to use my boat!”
    We don’t watch much TV anymore. I will set the timer for 120 minutes and we go to sleep watching Fantasy Island. We have one station that somehow kept part of their analog broadcasting ability, we can get the Lone Ranger, and several old movies along with Fantasy Island.

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    • Those of us that do not live in a metropolitan area have been seriously shortchanged by the FCC. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. The FCC is tasked to license television and radio stations to serve the public and in theory, any TV or radio station who fails to do so can lose its licence. This hasn’t happened in my lifetime, though they have occasionally threatened. Stations have lost their “place” on the band because a bigger, richer conglomerate wanted it, but never with an eye to better serving the public.

      You can’t GET anything but cable here. Nothing. Not satellite, not analog, not via telephone lines. We are too far from anything to even get FIOS or similar service, blocked by our canopy of trees for a dish. We try not to let it bother us much. We can still get radio signals and hopefully, if there’s an emergency, they at least will tell us.

      You aren’t alone. Anyplace not in a city or suburb has similar problems. If you are rural, you’re screwed.

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    • We have several “oldies” stations that run a lot of the shows from the 50’s. Nostalgia kicks in but it’s obvious that we need rose colored glasses to watch them. That’s okay.

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      • You’re lucky you have some stations to choose from that actually have something worth watching. I refused to get any of the satellite junk when we lived out in the country, two years ago we moved into this apartment. I signed up for Direct TV and made it very clear I wanted nothing but their family plan. You have to keep an eye on them every year, or your bill will almost quadruple by automatically’s giving you movie channels and unlimited sports etc., can be maddening.

        I don’t watch very much TV outside of public broadcasting and usually listen to public broadcasting on the radio also. I guess I’m limiting my exposure to all of this GREAT entertainment. Ha.. I’m surprised the government got away with selling the analog signals to Verizon. We hardly have any early storm warning available now because it made all the stations switch to the weak digital signal. I think if I put up an outside antenna I can still pick up one station along with PBS I’m almost tempted to. The weak digital signal should be a national security issue, I wrote our U.S. Senators, never got a reply.


  6. I remember A Summer Place – still like it. I still apologize for the stupid things I say or do. No malice intended – just stupidity. Sorry about that.


  7. Sorry I don’t agree. (I had to say that)

    Anyway … ya … Field of Dreams. I’ve watched it 15 times. Will again. Love that movie!

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  8. Legos. I was a titch too old for them when they first came out and they cost too much but I’m old enough now, and every year I add to the stash. They are my winter toy, since I don’t move far from home most days because of the weather, the roads, and the stoves.
    They stay out and in progress on the dining room table from December to whenever I get weary of them.
    Not the house/kit $$$ stuff, mind, just the basic blocks to satisfy my design/pattern/color jones. And if you come to visit you can play too. I’m good that way.

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    • Wow. Letting me play with your toys. That’s so cool! Thank you. I’m packing. See you soon!

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    • Would you believe I have never even touched a Leggo? I did have a set of white plastic building bricks when I was little that I loved, though. You could build houses and they had green plastic roofs you could put on top. I loved them. Does this mean I’m older than dirt? do I predate Leggos???

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      • My son was a committed Lego-ite. I grew up with Lincoln Logs and Erector sets. I learned Legos from the child. And from stepping barefoot on Legos in the dark. Serious pain.


      • Building blocks: (Inever know where this is going to end up)
        I’ll bet we had the same white building blocks, I had two sets and played with them incessantly. Yes, green roofs (Mine were cardboard printed to look like a roof– and I remember red doors and windows. I still have them in a tall canister on the attic stairs. They used to stick together terribly, or fall apart, but they were wonderful. They even came with instructions for building different kinds of houses…

        We are both older than dirt, and who cares. lol.
        I had never even handled Legos until about fifteen years ago when I saw a little starter kit in the store, and bought it. It was so intriguing I went back and bought more. in those days you could pick up just the blocks, right in KMart. Now you have to special order them.


        • Okay, Marilyn, that seals it. We absolutely have to get together and play one of these years. We don’t have to tell anyone…All of those who read this will forget in a week. I’ll bring Cissette or you can bring the little white building blocks. They locked together, I believe, much as leggos do, but didn’t really snap together securely. Some were single blocks and some had several linked together. I bet mine are buried in South Dakota. The roof of our house blew away in a tornado and they just bulldozed the house! There was still good “stuff” in the cellar. Perhaps I’ll excavate some day.


          • I have Cissette too! In her Queen Elizabeth dress and original underwear (that’s rare, you know). Almost mint! I could bring about 300 dolls. Ginny and Annabelle and Cisette and Toni (in 4 sizes and all different hair colors) and Miss Revlon (big and little). Oh YES.


            • I have Jan and Ken. My Cissette had a lace teddy, silver heels with elastic strap and a pink bow permanently affixed to her hair. I took it off, however. She came in a pink silk nightgown–very pretty. I had the bridesmaid dress–pink dotted swiss with a green velvet sash and picture book pink straw hat with flowers.
              I was careful with my dolls, but my husband’s daughter played with them and was a little less careful, but glad she had fun. Her friends all brought their Barbies to our house and made a whole little city in the loft in her room. It was so cute.All of their dolls lived there!


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