Bonnie turned 8 this past Halloween. She joined our household when she was a mere 9 weeks old, rather younger than I will usually take a puppy. She was a rescue and her temporary home had too many other puppies … so she joined us as a baby Scottish Terrier.


Is there anything cuter than a baby Scottie?


I don’t think so. From her first day, she was absolutely adorable, funny, playful. Charming in the extreme. We were still mourning the passing of Divot, our Norwich Terrier, but somehow, Bonnie broke through the grief and gamboled into our hearts.


Since day one, she has been a uniquely smart and funny little dog. Also, by a big margin, the most uncooperative photo subject. Ever. Anywhere.

She sees cameras as The Enemy. She will run far and fast … or crowd the lens so you can’t focus. Barring the first two options, she will hide in shadow so her dark fur and eyes meld into an indistinguishable lump of fuzz.

My most successful picture of Bonnie in which she has eyes!

My most successful picture of Bonnie in which she has eyes!

I took more pictures of her today. She sat there. She waited for me to focus and shoot. I’m sure she was laughing at me because she knows I will never get a good picture of her in natural light.

She’s a black dog with black eyes. Bushy eyebrows. All light comes from the window behind her. Backlighting makes a difficult photographic situation impossible.


Next time, I need to use a faster lens because in all of these pictures, she has no eyes. At least she has a pink tongue. That’s something.

I’m not ready to give up. Someday I will get her in good light, groomed, eyes open. Sparkling white smile. She’s slowing down, so any day now.

dogs on stairs

Should you decide to accept this challenge, you can use a picture from this or any post of mine  — or any other picture you like. Write something about the picture or make something up, using a photograph — any photo — as a jumping off point.

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  1. Okay Marilyn, here is my answer to your prompt. Part of it might look pretty familiar!!!!


    • Morrie really does look like Bonnie’s twin. He’s probably bigger than she is — physically — but Bonnie is huge in spirit. Scottie’s are the very LARGEST small dog. (“Who are you calling small? For that matter — who are you calling a DOG?”)

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  2. Just realized that by the time I published this post it’s time for a fresh one ! Just made it. Here is my entry.


  3. Practice makes perfect Marilyn. One day……


  4. I loved the snow picture and must be so difficult to walk for you , run after her, esp. at two in the morning. She is so playful and it would be interesting to see the perfect pic with eyes opened wide 🙂


  5. Bonnie proior to her hair cut would be perfect for the Wild Scottie. After the hair cut she is much too sophisticated.

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  6. awwwwwwwwwww

    Bonnie is adorable, eyes or not. I love the one of her in the snow,

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    • She was a baby when I took that picture. She was our winter puppy … and she still loves the snow. I remember standing there, in snow up to my hips, two in the morning, begging her to stop romping and do her business so mommy could go in and thaw out 🙂

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  7. Well I guess she stuck her tongue out at you to show you she still wins “the not being able to get a shot of me” contest! What a beauty even if you can’t see her eyes!

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