A few years ago when tablets were the next big thing, there were articles everywhere explaining why tablets would replace everything else. All the techno-pundits said no one would need a computer because everything would be done on a small, portable device.

72-Alien Computer-B_06

It didn’t happen. Everyone bought a tablet, but no one threw out their computer.

I don’t have anything against portable devices. I have a smart phone. Sometimes, I even use it. I have two tablets and had as many as four until I gave two away.

tablets kindle iPad

I have a terrific 14-inch laptop and a desktop with a big monitor. I rarely use the desktop, but I keep it because you never know. The big desktop monitor is actually a touch screen. It used to reconfigure itself when a fly or a mosquito walked across it. I turned the touch functionality off and use a mouse. If I hadn’t been able to get rid of the touch technology, I would have been forced to defenestrate it.

Warning: You cannot edit a photograph — or really, anything — using a touchscreen.

my office and desktop computer

I’m sure those who extol mini devices as a total computer solution have never designed a book, made a movie, edited a photograph, used Photoshop (or any Adobe product), converted a book to a PDF or edited a manuscript. I know this because it’s impossible. All other problems aside, little devices are too small. You can’t edit a big thing on an itty-bitty screen.

This is not my opinion. It’s a fact. Operating system is irrelevant. Mac, PC, Android or Linux, size matters. You can argue this until you’re blue in the face. It won’t change anything.


I read an article that explained how you can type just fine on a virtual keyboard. No, you can’t.


If I’ve got room in my house for every kind of device, surely there’s ample room in our world for everything. Personally, I like choice. I like using different devices for different tasks. You can’t replace everything with one thing  and there’s no reason you should.

An office

One size never fits all. Diversity makes life interesting. Let’s celebrate our differences. We don’t have to go to the same church, read the same books, believe the same stuff … or use the same computer

If everybody would quit trying to force their opinions on others, life would be better. For everyone. So live. Enjoy. Let everyone else do the same.

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  1. Two tablets, one smart phone, one laptop and untalented thumbs. I learned to touch type and feel more comfortable with a keyboard sitting in my favorite chair. 🙂


  2. Tablets can’t replace computers and that’s for sure. I have a Mac air, an apple i-Pad and Dell desktop and all three are equally important for different task but I’m in love with my mac. Can’t blog without it.


  3. A “tablet” is NOT a computer…


  4. I have a desk top with 2 large monitors. Never understood how a tablet could replace that. But who ever thought people would watch movies on 3×5″ screens?


    • I’ve learned to work on a 14″ screen so I can use a laptop I can lift, but there nothing as good for any kind of design work than a big, high def monitor. Or two. And of course, small devices will never replace them. I have watched a movie or two on my Kindle when there was absolutely no other option available, but it’s a 9″ Kindle and I was half asleep anyway. Usually, we watch on the 60″ high def flat screen 🙂 Movies want to be shown on BIG screens 😀

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  5. My son has a desktop he built himself, an iBook, an iPad, an iPhone and an IPod. Enough said. I have a laptop, iPad, iPhone. Each has it’s uses. Very technical household


    • Most households are pretty high tech these days. Ours certainly is. Each of us has two computers, one or two tablets … and the phone. The only reason I don’t have an iPod is that I don’t listen to music enough to justify the cost. But we have enough camera equipment to outfit a whole squad of reporters! The whole “we should all use one thing for everything” is just nonsense.


  6. We use a mini iPad for travel. It was easier to transport and keep in touch with family at home.
    You really do need a bigger screen to some things.


    • Garry uses his Kindle when he just wants to check his email. He’s a two-finger typist anyhow, so he doesn’t mind the virtual keyboard on the Kindle … but the telephone keypad is too small for either of us. I used my kindle for anything that doesn’t require editing or typing. For that, there’s a desktop or laptop. The right tool for the right jobs 🙂

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  7. I never actually envisaged using a tablet instead of a computer. I got the tablet(s) (yes, I now have two + using one of Mr. Swiss 3 tablets if he has a book I want to read) as a matter of convenience. It tells me if someone has passed a comment somewhere when I am offline with the computer, I can play Sugarcrush (my only game) if my fingers are bored and I can surf around if there is something I have to know without booting the computer(s). It is a matter of conveniuence and I never envisage it as being something instead of a computer. I am thinking that my next one will be a smaller version with a chip so that I can take it with me and use it when I am not at home. They have their uses, but for me nothing to do with a home grown installed computer.


    • My Kindle is half a toy, half a computer. I use it to read, listen to audiobooks, check email. But if I need to write an answer to a comment or email longer than a couple of words, I wait until I get to my computer so I can use the keyboard. I find virtual keyboards frustrating and annoying. And SLOW.

      Tablets are what they are. Computers are something else. Nice to have both!

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  8. I totally agree. I was thinking of getting a tablet for when we away from home but I just didn’t think it was worth the costs. A person must go nuts scrolling back and forth on the screen. Some people try internet it on a cell phone, not for me.


    • A medium or larger tablet is useful. You can answer short emails … I want a keyboard for more than a couple of lines of text, but a couple of lines works okay. Also great for reading books, listening to audiobooks and music, watching movies and videos, and viewing pictures. It isn’t going to replace a good lap or desktop, but it’s portable, easy to manage. If you aren’t going to be doing serious work while you are away, it’s a nice thing to have when you travel. A lot lighter weight, just as a start!


  9. For me, typing is the big issue. I can’t do it on one of those things.


  10. I learned to touch type on an old Royal office machine from the early 30s. It weighed about 40 lbs, and you needed superhuman strength to get the keys to function. My dad was terrified i’d break it, lol.
    Even now I cannot use those flat itty bitty keyboards where all the keys are so close together its like trying to perform Swan Lake in the closet. We both still use the old Microsoft keyboards, which have heft, size, and decent keys.

    My husband got a tablet (Surface) last year, which he uses for his own devices and its portability is handy for what he does– but when he wants to do serious computing of any sort, he uses the PC. I toyed with the idea of a tablet, but couldnt justify the expense for any reason at all.

    An aside: I love the images of those cluttered desks, books askew, papers everywhere. Busy, active minds, there.


    • Everyone who types with more than two fingers — and some faster two-fingered typists — prefer a real keyboard. I find poking at those miniature keys a total pain in the butt. For a couple of words, I can do it, but beyond that, I hate it. I’m not overly fond of any touchscreen technology, but it seems to have wormed its way into our lives, so I guess I have to live with it.


  11. agreed! I won a tablet in a raffle and was so excited until I realized all it seemed to be good for was playing games on it. I like a keyboard(wireless) and mouse(wireless) and the screen I attached to my laptop which is bigger than the laptop screen. My own choice!


    • I have a big desktop which is like a laptop on steroids. It is a touchscreen, but I turned the touch functionality OFF because it made me crazy. So I have the big desktop, the powerful little laptop, and a big Kindle. Also have a little Kindle, but I pretty much only use the big one. My eyes aren’t that great anymore. The new larger size Kindles are amazingly light. Cheap, too.


  12. I agree. No mini for me!!! My Mac Air is perfect for my needs, which include taking my computer everywhere with me…


  13. I can’t imagine trying to do everything on a tablet. David was given one while he was in hospital. He didn’t like the touch technology at all and found it impossible to type on the virtual keyboard so I got him a bluetooth keyboard for it. I took the tablet home a few times to take photos of the pets and garden for him to see so I played with it a bit. I like it very much for reading. Remember I was considering buying an eReader before he got sick? I can check my email and look at eBay and Amazon. However I certainly would not like to use it to write blog posts because I learned to type the old fashioned way with all my fingers. For me attaching a keyboard rather negates the convenience of a small device. So I’d rather edit photos and write on my desktop, I write on my laptop sometimes but it’s an old one and not very fast so no good for photo editing or games. The tablet is my eReader now and handy for when I want to check my email in front of the TV. As you say why just have one device for everything? It’s possible that when the desktop packs up I may buy a large, fast laptop to replace both it and the old laptop but although I’ve been eyeing off a new Dell laptop I’m not yet ready to buy and may change my mind by the time the cash is available.


    • I had an iPad and I was underwhelmed. I like my Kindle, though I don’t type on it … I’ll answer a short email with a few words, but it is awkward at best and infuriating at worst. And oh how I hate AutoCorrect! But, it has its place. For reading and listening. For checking email, seeing how my blog looks. It’s good for doctors’ waiting rooms and traveling.


  14. Agreed. My Surface tanked when I gave it a (very gentle) toss onto my desk one evening when I may have been perturbed about something or other. The desktop, it just keeps ticking. And yeah, the only type of keyboard I can really get going on is an “old fashioned” one…slower than molasses on anything else!


  15. So true, many believe their opinion is right and forget everything has many sides and each one can be true in its way.




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