25 November 2015: WRAPPING UP

This is going to be the swan song for this prompt. I’m crazy busy and it isn’t getting easier to meet my schedule. I’m either going to cut back my blogging or I’m going to start dropping some of the balls I’m juggling. Bang, thud, whack, wham. Ouch!

At the grocery store, it's definitely Christmas

At the grocery store, it’s definitely Christmas

Okay, so if dropping those balls isn’t an option, then I’ve got to lighten up my schedule, at least until the end of January. I keep saying I’m going to do it, but then I find myself in the grip of blogging fever. Is there a 12-step program for this?


The holidays are upon us. Thanksgiving tomorrow. Christmas in a month, then we’re off to Arizona for a couple of weeks just after New Year’s Day.

I’ve enjoyed doing this prompt. From now on, I’m will enjoy not doing it.


The weather is turning cold at night. It’s still relatively warm during the day … warmer than it usually is this close to Thanksgiving and you won’t hear me complaining about it. I took a bunch of crunchy leaf pictures, down by the river pictures, wide-angle pictures with my new Pentax lens.


It’s my farewell to Autumn, the last of the best of this year. The long, dark shadows on the driveway, the piles of crunchy oak and maple leaves.


For me, piles of autumn leaves are deeply evocative. My fondest early memories of walking to school was the feel of new leather shoes and those leaves crunching underfoot.


The snap of the leaves, the squeak of leather. The smell of fall. Crisp air.


I always say goodbye to autumn with utmost regret. I say goodbye to this prompt with equal regret. Maybe I’ll try something new in the spring, but it’s time for me to take a breath, step back, and recognize that I can’t keep up this pace.

Should you decide to accept this challenge, you can use a picture from this or any post of mine  — or any other picture you like. Write something about the picture or make something up, using a photograph — any photo — as a jumping off point.

This is the easiest prompt in the world. And this will be your last chance, so if you want to play, come one in!