solarized art effect horizontal kitchen

I got up a bit early this morning because it’s laundry day. I figured I’d get a jump on the competition. Get my hair washed before I had to compete with the washing machine for water pressure.

When you have a well, a pump, and 40 year-old pipes, water usage is a balancing act. You don’t want to run out your well. You also don’t want to compete with the washing machine because it will win every time.

So. I gathered my stuff. Put it in the bathroom. Went to the kitchen to start the coffee and convince the dogs to go out.


As they finally, with no good grace, headed down the stairs, I noted that Bishop’s butt was in an unsavory state and clearly would require my attention. I put that thought on hold, went back, showered. Dressed. Tied hair into turban. Dashed back to the kitchen where the canines were eagerly awaiting my appearance.

kitchen in morning light

I locked the gate, keeping the dogs in the kitchen, grabbed a handful of paper towels. As I turned on the faucet to moisten the towels, I noticed that the coffee had pooled on the counter and formed into a nice, brown waterfall. I turned off the coffee. Poured the coffee down the sink. Flipped the carafe and saw its bottom had turned into a spiderweb of cracks.

“Priorities,” I mumbled to myself. “First, do something about Bishop’s butt.”

I uncharitably pondered my still-sleeping husband, then sighed and moved on. Inserting a disgruntled husband into the mix was not going to improve matters.


It being the beginning of the month, the dogs needed their heart worm stuff. If I didn’t do it today, I might forget to do it and that would be a bad thing. A very bad thing. Nor did I forget to give each dog a Greenie for being such a good dog because I’m a good mommy, or try to be.

Meanwhile, the coffee is spreading across the kitchen floor. A brown river is snaking its way from sink to back door, trying to make a break for it. It was time to head it off at the pass.

I knew I should put the broken carafe in the trash before it fell into shards. Which is when I realized the trash was up to the top of the container. No room. Okay, stay in the sink. See if I care.


I unplugged the coffee machine and did due diligence on wherever the coffee had seeped. Got more paper towels. Cleaned the floor. Cleaned the counter because somehow, it had been missed after dinner last night. And the stove top — which also got missed.

With dish towel in hand, I was back to the coffee machine. At which point I realize it’s covered with coffee. Old coffee from who-knows-how-many spills in the past. New coffee from this morning’s broken carafe.

Some days, you just can’t catch a break.

I set up the machine using the spare carafe I saved when old Mr. Coffee died. As I scrubbed the carafe, I pondered how two years in the closet hadn’t made it any cleaner.

I really needed coffee. I decided to use the African coffee I’d been saving for a special occasion. If this wasn’t a special occasion, what was? I deserved excellent coffee.


Finally. I switched the coffee machine to “on.” While the coffee brewed, I cleaned the sink … but … not as well as I would have liked. There was no cleanser left in the can and no one to blame as I’m pretty sure I was the last one to use it.

I wrote “cleanser” on the whiteboard. By now, I’d been up for an hour. The dogs are taking post-snack naps. The new batch of coffee smells good.


Enter Garry, stage left.

“Good morning,” he says and makes a beeline to the coffee.

“Good morning,” I reply.

Finally, I have my coffee. And my breakfast cookies. I boot my computer and am greeted with this.

meme FB

I hate memes.

14 thoughts on “GREAT DAY IN THE MORNING

  1. Joel Osteen…. I see his prominent mug on a lot of the self help books at work. Always smiling, Always happy… I think someone needs to break his coffee pot or make him clean his own counters for once. That’d fix him….


  2. Don’t you just hate those mornings. I have been awake since 5.30 AM – my son forgot to turn off his alarm. He gets up early to go to work. Never mind – it is time to try and search for more photos great start to the day


  3. I grew up in a house with well water. It was kind of sulphurish, too. It was a great day when we got “city” water.


    • We are lucky in that our water is excellent and tastes great. Not so lucky in that our water level has been dropping for the past 5 years of drought in the region, now a full 12 inches below normal — statewide. That’s a LOT of missing water and the lower it gets, the worse our pressure gets and the more fragile our eco-system becomes.


  4. lol if I saw that message on my computer screen, on some days I’d hunt down the writer and glue him to my back door with crazy glue…
    I’d say you get what happened overnight and work out from there. Most things are funny later, but when you confront NOW and you havent had your coffee YET it looks much grimmer.

    You did good.


    • All those simplistic memes really annoy me. I like the funny ones, but the ones which purport to solve some major life issue in two pity sentences make my turn a weird shade of puce. And NEVER hit me with one of those before I’ve had at least two cups of coffee. I am irrational until caffeine has done its job 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh, I agree, Marilyn. I tend to run towards “cute.” But it gets on my very last nerve when and gets bothersome when I-
    1) need my caffeine fix
    2) have had a “bad” or “rough” start to my day.
    3) feel memesmeme are like “sound bytes.”


    • A lot of these memes are about as profound as a fortune cookie. Memes ARE sound bytes … visually speaking. I don’t mind the funny stuff. A laugh or giggle is always a plus, any time of day. But the ones that seem to be solving a major life problem in a sentence or two aggravate me because a lot of people actually (really, no kidding) that that stuff literally. Okay, they’re morons, but there are a lot of them out there … and they vote.


    • Once I have that cup in my hand, I start to reconnoitre and life improves.

      This morning I have to make sure the airline is going to actually remember to provide us with wheelchairs and or other transport in the airport. I really WANT to visit. I do. I’m terrified of making the journey. I can’t carry much … 10 lbs is my official limit, so I go as high as 15 for short distances, but I can’t stay on my feet very long and I’m afraid they are going to do something that will make my pacemaker stop pacing. I think I need a doctor’s note. I used to love traveling. Ain’t no fun any more, not one little bit.


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