I’m not much of a sweets eater anymore. When I was younger, I craved sweets, especially chocolate. These days, my stomach doesn’t appreciate rich stuff in general … and my blood sugar gets really upset at a big infusion of sugar.

I’m human, so I nibble. When I nibble, I want crystallized ginger.


What’s that? Preserved, sugared ginger. You will find it in most grocery stores, in the dried fruit section. It’s a common ingredient in Chinese dishes. Ginger in all its forms is common ingredient in all Asian cuisine.

If you want to just munch, you can get a better deal by ordering in bulk from Amazon. It can get very pricey. Most ginger comes from Asia (Cambodia in particular). Recently, a lot of the best ginger comes from New Zealand and Australia.


Crystallized ginger is an adult taste. You will love it or hate it. I love it. I try to always keep some in the house, in case I have a sudden need for a sharp, sweet taste.

Try it. You might like it. A little goes a long way. If you don’t like it, send it over here!

 It’s good for you too. Check out “A Brief History of Ginger.”

23 thoughts on “OH, GINGER

  1. I love ginger more and more as I age. Eat it almost every day. Fresh ginger I get at an Asian grocery store near my home and most of my veggies. I’ll check the sweets aisle next time.


  2. When I had a fever, my elders used to heat up a root of peeled ginger and rub it on my forehead and I think chest too..lol. I can’t prove if it helped or not. These days I like making a tea out of grated ginger. It has a nice kick to it going down your throat. I put a little bit of honey in it if I want some sweetness.


    • I put ginger on and in almost everything. It’s one of the primary tastes in Asian food and I do a lot of Chinese cooking, so I keep ginger at hand. It does seem to be a good stomach settler … and it’s a known counteracting agent for motion sickness.


  3. I quite like ginger in all forms. I put it in chinese food when I cook it, grated from the root. I always like ginger beer and had a plant once, but it kept growing. It is a sandy mixture with yeast and you split it in the bottle. Eventually you have bottles everywhere. And crystllized is also ok.


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