Oops? If not oops, definitely busted!

I am standing on the west bank of the Mumford, taking pictures of the benches. Across the river, note the group of teenagers, sneaking along the edge of the dam, searching for a hidden place to … ?

Benches with sneaky teenagers

Whatever it is, they surely didn’t want anyone taking their picture. I guess they didn’t notice the little silver-haired photographer way over on the other side of the river, camera pointed their way.


When I was a newbie blogger, I thought it was cool to write about Big Issues. Religion. Freedom. Patriotism. The Meaning Of Life.

It put me on the blogging map and gave me my best stats, way back in November 2012. More than 12,000 hits that one month. More than 300,000 hits later, I’ve learned a few things.

I do not want to rule anything, manage anything, or pretend I want to be in charge. I really don’t. Not one little bit. I would not write now what I wrote then. During the more than three years since, I’ve set limits and enforce them on myself. Blog and learn.

I don’t want to convince anyone of anything, at least here. I won’t take on religion or politics. I’ll offer an historical perspective on the constitutional convention and a painfully detailed explanation why term limits are a terrible idea. How they will make Congress worse, not better. But that’s as close as I’ll get.


You want to spend the night talking about The Meaning of Life? Come on over. We’ll have cake, coffee, and talk till sunrise. Just not on the website.

Why not? Because I can’t say what I mean in 600 words. When I — or you — address a major issue on a blog, the result is inevitably a pile of generalizations … or an incredibly long treatise that few will bother to read. Even when we know better, the nature of blogging is to go for pithy and quotable. You can’t give a developed explanation of anything significant in so few words. Or at least, I can’t.

And, I don’t marry my opinions. I may change my mind tomorrow or next week. Part of the freedom thing.

Whatever you read here, don’t assume I’m trying to win you to a point of view. I hold an intense dislike of bigots, racists, and haters in general. I have a lifelong commitment to equality, human rights, and being nice to each other. Otherwise, you don’t have to agree with anything I say. Whatever you think I’m selling, I’m not.

You, me, and everyone else has the right to believe whatever we want. As long as you aren’t trying to stuff it up my (or anyone’s) nose. If it isn’t hate-speak and you aren’t advocating violence towards anyone, I’m okay.

If, however, you are committed to belief in a flat world ruled by Zeus? Go for it. Just — forgive me if I can’t stop laughing.



Cee's Black & White Photo Challenge Badge

From Cee:

This week’s Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge (CB&W) topic is Starts with the Letters B or W.  I decided to literally use the letters of black “B” and white “W” for this week’s topic.  So the main focus of your photo must start with the letter B or W.  And yes if you are lucky you can have B and W in the same photo.  Like the one to the right with a boy and water.  The just need to black and white, sepia or you can use selective color.  It’s another week you can be creative and have some fun.

Bridge over untroubled water

Bridge over untroubled water

What a clever approach. so many choices. I live near Boston, am surrounded by water, in which one can find boats.

Bass fiddle at the Pops

Bass fiddle at the Pops

And so much more! Dogs … Bonnie and Bishop. No end of possibilities.



What would be your ideal birthday present, and why?

Enough money to pay off all the bills and have some left for future emergencies. Short of a huge lottery win? A really good Japanese dinner would do nicely.

What color would you like your bedroom to be?


Off white is fine. Second? Very pale lilac is soothing, a good bedroom color.

Would you prefer snowy winters, or not, and why?

SAY NO TO SNOW! Please! No snow.

snow shovel in oil

I just ordered ice scrapers, windshield protectors, snow brushes and the price of snow shovels seems to have skyrocketed. I could go the rest of my life and never see a snowflake and that would be just fine, thank you very much.

winter snow deck

I firmly believe the people who profess to love snow do not live in place where it snows a lot. Or they are school children hoping for a day off.

Would you rather go a week without bathing, but be able to change your clothes, or a week without a change of clothes, but be able to bathe?


I hope I never need to actually make that choice. Toss up on this one!