I follow so many blogs I don’t always have the time to visit everyone in the course of a weekend, much less daily. And yesterday, we actually went out. I did not stay home glued to the computer. What a concept, eh?


We had tickets to see the Boston Pops Christmas Concert at Symphony Hall and we were going with our best friends. They were driving in from the western part of the state. It was an occasion.


I didn’t spend the evening reading blogs. Not even favorites. This morning, on seeing another 100 notifications in my inbox along with those I didn’t get to yesterday — or the day before — I deleted everything I hadn’t yet read. Because I don’t have enough time.


It’s just two weeks until Christmas. I haven’t wrapped a package or put up the tree. Or extracted the decorations from the attic.

If I follow you … and you know who you are … you know I like you — or I wouldn’t follow you.

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  1. When I signed up for WP, I clicked “hell no!” on the email notifications thingie. I just use the Reader, so I can check blogs when I get time, and not when I don’t. And what I don’t get around to…. well I’ll never know what I missed out on. What you don’t know can’t haunt you…


    • If I didn’t hate the Reader so much, I might try it. I might have to anyhow because the amount of email I get is pretty overwhelming. I’ll have to think about it. Maybe I just need to get the number of blogs I follow down to a more realistic number.


      • I try to keep my list reasonable since I don’t dedicate much time to reading each day. I’ll take the plunge on new bloggers occasionally… but if it just isn’t working out, I’m not shy about pulling the plug. I’ve hit that Unfollow button many times…


  2. Sounds like an awesome night on the town.


    • It was. Symphony Hall is always a joy and we all needed a dose of Christmas music, especially by the Boston Pops ’cause no one does it better. Also, that Japanese dinner was a real plus … and the company was … well … As Garry so well put it, nice to go out with grownups!


  3. love your photos!! hope you enjoyed the concert. I feel overwhelmed and guilty when I don;t get to everyone- it is just impossible. Like you said- I follow – I like- and I’ll catch up when I can!!


    • I really do my best, but sometimes, I realize it is simply impossible. I don’t expect everyone else to check in with me every day, so I don’t know why I expect it of myself … but I have a hyper-responsibility thing.

      The concert was terrific and it was great to get out with grown up friends with whom we could have real conversation. It’s such a rare event these days.

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    • AND thank you!!! As soon as I saw the return address, I new it was Butterfly Milkweed seeds 🙂 I hope this year is better than last and we have enough rain that I can water a few plants without fear of emptying the well! Joyous holidays to you, too.


  4. Miss you and your posts, trying to stay off line plus I got really sad again.

    Have a happy holiday season.
    Hope great foods come your way
    and Garry keeps you warm.
    hugs patti


  5. Lovely pictures Marilyn and you should not have to feel guilty about enjoying a concert with friends instead of blogging. If we didn’t do anything outside of blogging what would we have to blog about? I have the same feeling of fear of an overloaded inbox so much so that I decided not to enable email notifications from WordPress. I’m here two or three times a day so I can check when the people I follow have posted and the first thing I do when I log on in the morning is check for comments on my posts and reply to them and I do the same last thing. There are some advantages of having a relatively small group of followers. At least I can keep up. Email is harder to keep track of but as ninety percent of the email I get is not that important I happily delete it unread if it piles up. The really important stuff, friends, family, business goes into a different email account which gets priority.


    • Don’t be fooled by the “number” of followers. If all the people who are supposedly my followers actually visited … ever … I’d be completely swamped. I think the REAL number of followers is maybe 1/10th? or a lot less? of the official total. I just feel I ought to make time for people who have become friends. But sometimes, reality bites and I realize — I just can’t do it. Not today. But I do try 🙂


  6. I haven’t checked the emails for two years or more. Aren’t they all shown in Notifications? Hope so. If not, I’ve been ignoring people for over 2 years!!


  7. No hassle. Life is too short to be blog-ridden, Marilyn. As and when. As and when.


  8. I try to keep my inbox below 500, but it is a real struggle; there is a life that exists beyond the internet, enjoy it.


  9. I used to read everything in my inbox, but that’s just not possible any more. There are only just so many hours in the day.


  10. I am with you. I do read other blogs, but always say time permitting. When I am munching through my breakfast in the morning, or when Mr. Swiss is watching the news in the evening, I have a good opportunity to read what the others write. otherwise I delete a lot of mails as they come not only from WordPress, but Google and Facebook and who knows where else. I have to be careful not to delete the mails from my friends, relations and other important stuff. How wonderful to see a real live Boston Pops concert, just a word for me. We all have a real life to lead, thank goodness.

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    • It takes me ALL day to get through the email and notifications … and finally, it’s bedtime. I take a last look … and it has started all over again. I think I need to cut myself some slack here.

      The concert was GREAT. It always is and it’s one of the things to which I look forward to with great eagerness every year. But every day, I’m falling a little farther behind …


  11. I totally understand. Once in a while I just can’t read everything I get in my special WordPress Inbox. So I also delete. I’m sure many of us do it because it is simply impossible to go through everything. I always manage to catch up, a few posts later. Enjoy the season. I used to be a subscriber to the Boston Symphony when I lived in the city. So many good memories.


    • Just visiting Symphony Hall is special. It was built by the same architect who built Carnegie Hall in New York … with the same wonderful acoustics. I now delete anything I haven’t gotten to in 24 hours because the next day, there will be another new batch. It makes me feel bad, but I can’t read every post or answer every comment in a timely way. If I could just not feel guilty about it …


  12. I think there’s been some changes made at WP. I usually get an email for your posts Marilyn and this didn’t come in.


  13. Good for you. I delete as well, when I am not around. I just don’t want to read over 100 emails in my email box. As much as I love blogging, and as much as I love the interaction with my favorite bloggers, I just don’t have the time right now.


  14. Out, Marilyn??? Goodness!

    I end up hitting delete too when I’m away. A couple of days without internet and the inboxes have hundreds of emails and notifications. There is only so much you can do in a day… and time off is allowed. (*note to self… read previous few words occasionally*)


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