Take the The Boston Pops and the Tanglewood Festival Chorus … then add Keith Lockhart and an audience of happy holiday celebrants and what do you have? A gathering of joy and celebration of holiday music.

Symphony Hall, Boston

Symphony Hall, Boston


The Boston Pops Christmas concert, 2015. A joyous gathering of music lovers and music makers in Symphony Hall, Boston, Massachusetts.






26 thoughts on “2015 – NIGHT AT THE POPS

  1. I just happened by….serendipity!….and had a wonderful time musing with these photos. I lived in Boston for more than thirty years, then moved to NH in retirement and am now in Maine, where I grew up. The Pops were always a wonderful treat and such a treasure. Thank you!

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      • I always think of Arthur Fiedler when we attend the Pops. He was such a wonderful and accessible person. Most folks know he used to love chasing fire engines. He also was a baseball fan. He once allowed me to “conduct” the Pops in a summer concert rehearsal at the Hatch Shell. Yes, I miss him!

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    • Really. Basses 🙂 But in everyone’s defense, without a size comparison, it’s hard to tell if you aren’t that familiar with string instruments. From close up, it’s obvious they are basses because they are BIG. But from a distance, without anything with which to compare it — like a person or another instrument — well … you know …


      • Look closely, there’s a music stand right next to the first bass, there’s the “size comparison.” If you draw an imaginary arc as if you were to stand the bass up on it’s peg, you’d see that it’s body would be way taller than the stand. A cello body would end up somewhere bottom to middle of the stand max depending on peg extension, plus, cellist seldom, if ever, lean their instruments against anything preferring to set them on their sides on the floor, a much more secure solution.
        Sorry, I couldn’t resist… 🙂


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