What Do You Call a Group of…?

Things you always wanted know and didn’t know where to look? Here’s the answer!

Science-Based Life

There is just no way you are not going to find this interesting. Below is a (semi) complete list of what you would call various groups of animals.

I absolutely love the Victorian flair. An exaltation of larks? A shiver of sharks? Fantastic.

Feel free to break these out in conversation. “Science is the poetry of reality”, after all.


ApesA shrewdness
AssesA pace
BadgersA cete
BatsA colony
BearsA sloth, sleuth
BuffaloA gang, an obstinacy (I suspect these refer to old world buffalo; use “herd” for American bison)
CatsA clowder, a pounce; for kittens…A kindle, litter, an intrigue
CattleA drove, herd
DeerA herd, bevy (refers only to roe deer)
DogsA litter (young), pack (wild), cowardice (of curs); specific to hounds…A cry, mute, pack, kennel
ElephantsA herd
ElkA gang
FerretsA business
FoxA leash, skulk, earth

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9 thoughts on “What Do You Call a Group of…?

  1. I always laugh when I see this list (It always made the rounds on my message board full of trivia obsessed people), because most of the official “words” for collectives are so obviously made up and contrived. I wonder who was left in charge of coming up with most of these ridiculous words? And what would you call a collective of loners?


    • Believe or not, most of these are very old, coming out of the middle ages and the rest, probably Victorian or thereabouts. Made up in the sense that all language is made up by someone at some time.


  2. How interesting! The English language is one of the hardest and most complex languages in the world!! For good reason, but at the same time it’s fantastic, and very intriguing. Thanks for sharing, I really liked this. 🙂


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