How To Force A Redirect To The Classic Stats Screen

Yesterday, WordPress decided even though I had previously and continuously elected the “old” stats page, now, I am going to use the new, confusing stats page.

I created a bookmark to get me back to the original stats page, but this is better!

Today, Dennis published the directions for using a script — a workaround to bring you back to the original page — where you can get the information you want in a way that makes sense.

The script was written by tPenguinLTG. The instructions are from Dennis and this is a reblog. I did not write this post, but I will guarantee that it works perfectly with Chrome. As do the earlier scripts which take you back to the old editor. Thank Dennis, not me. And tPenguinLTG who keeps coming up with fixes for the “updates” from WordPress!

Diary of Dennis

WordPress Stats

The Solution To Use The Classic Stats Page

If you are blogger at, you might have noticed it, there are not much ways anymore to access the beautiful classic stats screen, instead we are now forced to use the new one, but there is help! Do you remember when they forced us to use the  incredible hard to use new post editor? I wrote a post where you can learn how to get back to the classic editor, and there is a very similar solution to get back to the classis stats screen. We will talk about this now, in this post you will learn how to get back to the classic stats page.

How To Force A Redirect To The Classic Stats Screen

Before we start, I want to mention that the solution comes from tPenguinLTG, be thankful there and not here, I do just…

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9 thoughts on “How To Force A Redirect To The Classic Stats Screen”

  1. Thanks for reblogging, it’ll help people, as I know how many people are unhappy with the newer designs. I just want to add something… I don’t publish the scripts, tPenguinLTG writes the code… I do just write tutorials about his scripts as they work like a charm, and because I think it’ll help people to get back to a better blogging experience. Just saying because “Dennis published the script” sounds as if I am the creator of the script, but tPenguinLTG is the creator, I do just write about it :). Thanks for sharing Marilyn, and I am glad it works perfectly for you too, and I agree, Penguin is doing a perfect job to keep his scripts up to date… where would we stand without him, I would leave without the classic experience.


    1. I know. I said that in my intro. But I can rephrase it though I was very specific when I said you just publish the directions to use them. tPenguin LTG writes the scripts. I think most people got it. Some people never notice anything because they don’t look. Thank you again!! I think if I really had to use those new interfaces, I’d give up too. I don’t understand why WordPress is making it so hard for so many of us. I don’t get it.

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      1. Hehe, no problem Marilyn, I was sure you knew it, but I think it’s more clear now.

        It’s as you said when you commented on my article, they know their way and the community opinion isn’t important anymore. As they deleted forum threads, and comments on their blogposts back then, it was clearly visible that they don’t even want to hear our feedback or critism. Good that we found our own solution.

        I wish you happy holidays Marilyn, enjoy the time with your loved ones :).


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