72-Inscribed-Christmas Card Tree

It’s here. Christmas Eve. To all of you with whom I’ve shared this blogging year, Merry Christmas. May your next year be the best ever. Joy to the world and let’s have a little bit of peace!

Bishop's ready! Doesn't he look ready?
Bishop’s ready! Doesn’t he look ready?

It is Christmas Eve. The packages are all wrapped. The pies are baked. The family will be here later, but meanwhile it’s nice and peaceful.



72-Tree-Christmas-Eve--122415_02 (1)

37 thoughts on “WRAPPED UP”

        1. More than once a dog or cat or some combination of these have taken down a turkey … raw and waiting for cooking … and already roasted. I take no chances. I close the kitchen gate and I make them stare holes in me from the living room. They really AREN’T starving. Really. Honest. They just think they are.


          1. Ani was just an opportunist… she never helps herself to anything on the counters, but seems to think if I leave the fridge door open, anything goes… and it usually does. Though she did once leave me a tennis ball in the fridge in exchange πŸ™‚


    1. I feel a sense of relief. It’s the home stretch. We’re alive. In 20 minutes, I put the ham in the over, wash the yams, trim the asparagus, make a salad, then collapse in a heap. Tomorrow will be easy, with the kids all over at HER family. Phew. Merry Christmas!!


    1. Bob made the card πŸ™‚ Two of them, so the one from the day before was also his πŸ™‚ He does GREAT cards. I did the inscription (obviously, I guess). It’s Christmas day and I’m still full from yesterday!


  1. Merry Christmas Marilyn and Garry. It’s just after 7am on Christmas Day here. It’s going to be a hot one, 34 degrees celsius. My sister will be here in about 3 hours so we can spend the day together. She’s bringing her DVD of Miracle on 34th Street to watch after lunch. It will be a day of watching Christsmas movies and playing board games. I hope your Christmas is a happy and peaceful one too.

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    1. It’s still Christmas Eve here, so there are the shoals of togetherness with the kids to yet navigate. But tomorrow … Yes, that sounds like our day too. We watched “Miracle” last night, as well as “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “A Christmas Story” is on now, but there’s still Holiday Inn, and White Christmas and a bunch of others. I can hardly wait for a nice quiet day! Merry Christmas, way down there πŸ™‚

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  2. I admire your preparedness. I will have to go print off some images of completed holiday preparations and tape them around the house as inspiration–or in substitution for the real thing.


    1. I kept it very small. It’s a little tree, no lights. A couple of other things, here and there. Blue lights across the windows have been up since LAST Christmas. I did all the wrapping yesterday. Very small. I couldn’t do the whole house decorated thing anymore. I’d collapse. As it is, I’m so tired I can barely move. I’m glad it’s just once a year!

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    1. The presents are unwrapped and everyone has gone home. “The Bishop’s Wife” in on the TV and I’m too pooped to move! Made it through another year. That’s our annual miracle … still being here πŸ˜‰ Hope you’re having a great time, wherever you may be!


        1. Yes, Loretta Young as “The Bishop’s Wife”, David Niven as the Bishop and Cary Grant as Dudley, the Angel. A sublimely wonderful movie.


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