The Daily Prompt would like my thoughts on aging. 

First Senior Moment

The first senior moment …

If I have to give an opinion, other than “Wow, it sucks,” I think it should stop. Now. This minute. Alternatively, It could have waited another decade or three before rearing it’s wrinkled old head.


Thoughts on aging. What kind of question is that to ask me on the Sunday morning after Christmas? What a downer.

34 thoughts on “THOUGHTS ON AGING? REALLY?

  1. That’s awesome, my mom mailed that Noah’s Ark cartoon to me a few weeks back. She loves to clip funny ones out of her paper and then mail them across the world to me, sometimes adding her own commentary. One of my favorites is two friends at a funeral. One says to the other something like “Joe lived such a long life, damn near outlived his student loans.”


  2. Aging is definitely not for the faint of heart but it beats the alternative or so we think. What I miss most is being able to do the physical work I use to do and now can only do about a quarter. Guess I should be glad I can do the quarter and get on with my day because it is all a gift. Cute cartoons. 🙂


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