Not one single state filed anything suggesting secession.

Why? First, because no state government was stupid enough to lose the benefits they get from the central government. Secession is illegal. The Civil War decided the issue and there’s no going back. All of those petitions were put together by groups of discontented sore losers who didn’t understand in the United States, an election decides the issue.

We don’t govern by petition. We protect your right to petition (thank you, First Amendment), but that only means we don’t throw you in jail for doing it, not that your petition has force of law.

The U.S. does not govern by opinion. No matter how often or how loudly you tell the world about your dissatisfaction on the Internet, on social media sites, or anything else, it’s the ballot box where we collect and count votes. We have a constitution. We have laws. We vote. We count votes. The winner is decided, the loser takes his marbles and goes home.

A petition by the losers of an election does not trump the right of the people of the United States to freely elect their representatives. That you have the right to petition doesn’t mean your petition is going to change anything. Its existence is a testament to how free a country this is. Most other places, you’d be jailed or shot.


The reason that not a single state government has petitioned for secession is because no one running a state is as stupid as these petitioners. They know they can’t go it on their own and aren’t going to try. Not to mention that a state trying to secede is considered to be in rebellion, for which there are serious penalties. As for the argument that we seceded from England, we were never part of England. We were a colony, a far different legal position than that held by a state.

Battle of Lexington and Concord revolution

We did not secede from England. We rebelled against English rule. We are heroes because we won, but had we lost, it would have been ugly. It would have been treason.

Rebellion is a serious matter and the price of losing is dreadful. Rebels are hanged or shot, pretty much universally, so anyone who thinks they ought to rebel needs to be prepared to die.

AN HISTORICAL NOTE: The American colonists’ first choice was not to break away from England. We wanted the rights of full British citizenship and full representation in Parliament. In other words, far from preferring rebellion, we wanted inclusion. We wanted our status as a colony upgraded to the British equivalent of statehood … something that our American secessionist wannabes already have … and are too ignorant to value.

No one is going to secede. Maybe after the alien invasion, things will change. Until then, secession is a non-issue.

congress in session

For the blood-thirsty idiots who think a civil war is a good idea:

The Civil War cost more than 620,000 American lives, above and below the Mason-Dixon line. Death doesn’t care what color uniform you wear or what color skin you have. Dead is dead. The war between the states caused more American deaths than all other wars this nation has fought combined. ALL of them combined. I don’t know the actual percentage of the population that perished in that hideous conflict, the gory legacy of which we are still dealing with 150 years later, but it was a very substantial percentage. Anyone who suggests that doing that again is a good idea is a criminal.

I don’t care what you believe. No one who values human life, believes in God, or has any kind of conscience or moral compass would suggest we take up arms and start slaughtering each other.

The Peacemakers.

If we are unable to live together, we will not survive as a nation. How can anyone claim to care about this country and then suggest we destroy it because they don’t like the President? Does this sound like patriotism?

There are too many people who have yet to grasp the concept that in a contest, there are always winners and losers. You, over there, with the sign and the sour face. You lost. Deal with it.

Respect the constitution. Work within our excellent system of laws. If you don’t respect our government enough to honor its fundamental principles, you really should go live somewhere else, if you can find anywhere else that will have your sorry asses.

Does it surprise anyone that the “leaders” of this bogus “movement” to secede are largely from the same states that produced the glorious Civil War? You think race might have something to do with it?

The number of signatories, assuming that they could be verified as real people, does not come close to a majority of citizens of any state — nor even enough people to elect someone to congress. It’s a bunch of malcontents trying to get media attention. In other words, sore losers.

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  1. I can’t wait to see all of the petitions to secede after I am elected as President next year. It’s a great time to invest in paper and ink futures…


  2. As a teacher of American history it amazes me that, 150 years after the issue was settled in the rather dramatic fashion of drowning it in geysers of human blood, anyone would think that secession is a desirable or viable strategy in the 21st century. But most of the people who think so deny that slavery was the cause of the Civil War, and they also happen to believe bizarre things like Obama is a Muslim born in Kenya, the New World Order is real and climate change is a hoax. It’s a symptom of the painful lack of education and experience in our society related to critical thinking. Now these same people are clamoring for Trump, and when he loses, they’ll probably push for secession yet again. Quite disturbing.


    • I completely agree with you. I find it maddening and frightening that so many people know NO history, not even recent history to which they have, in theory, been witnesses. Is it in the water? The stupidity factor? You drink the water and you lose so many brain cells that you believe everything you read on Facebook? I’m not a history teacher, but I’ve always loved history. How can you NOT love history? History is who we are, what we are, as well as how we got here. This year, I’m embarrassed to be an American. And a very worried one, too. These are scary trends we are seeing — far too reminiscent of the years leading to WWII.

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  3. A small point here, “you’d be jailed or shot”. You don’t need to break a law to be shot in the United States. Just going to kindergarten, a movie, a marathon, or having a tail light out on your car will get you shot. You can get run over by a car walking down a busy street, crashed into a mountainside by a suicidal pilot or blown up stepping on a mine. Our world is a dangerous place, more so than during the days of the wild wild west.


    • We’re talking about people saying we should secede from the U.S, because they don’t like the President.

      The one thing you know for sure in this world is that you aren’t leaving it alive. We aren’t talking about that. We aren’t talking about life and the world being a dangerous place. This is specifically about the “let’s secede because our guy didn’t win the election” sore losers.

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      • That might be a result of the past few generations that believe everyone in a contest is entitled to a blue ribbon or trophy just for participating. The idea of winners and losers is alien to this generation. Affluenza is another sad example of a lack of accountability.


        • You are right about that. A whole generation or two has been raised to believe that there are no losers. But there are. Always. It’s the nature of a contest.


          • Parents have become overly sensitive about upsetting junior. That’s been recently apparent when the mother of that tenn responsible for 4-5 deaths by his drunken driving being let off the hook with probation. He learned nothing and was caught partying against his parole. Not he and his mother is in hot water. Experts claim she will probably do more time that he will, being that he’s a minor or was when he had his “accident”.

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  4. In 2000, one of my coworkers said that he was moving to Canada if George Bush won. In 2008, I heard somebody else say they were moving to Canada if Barack Obama won. I bet they both stayed.


  5. Well put. Great essay, Marilyn!!!


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