It’s the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016. There’s something timely and almost overly appropriate in that today my total all-time views — or hits as I like to call them — passed 350,000.

That’s so many views I can’t imagine counting that high. It would take way too long.

350,000 Serendipity

More meaningful to me is the number of posts on Serendipity which now exceeds 4,200. Even assuming that many of the posts were short, it’s still a lot. Even including a couple of hundred reblogs, and a few hundred pieces written by Rich, Garry, and Ellin.

I have definitely learned a lot from blogging. I’ve made more friends than I imagined possible in places that were previously just exotic names on maps. My writing has gotten leaner, tighter. More crisp, more focused. I still can’t proofread and I will forever see what I meant to write and not what’s actually on the page.

I’ve also learned that there’s a direct correlation between how much I post and how many people come to visit. New material generates traffic. Be that as it may, the closest thing I can make to a New Year’s resolution is that I can’t keep up this pace. I’ve already slowed a lot from last year. You can expect to see fewer posts from me, but hopefully good ones. Maybe more pictures, less text … or just fewer posts altogether. I’m not yet sure how it’ll work out.

I know I need more time off the computer. Among many other issues, my wrists and shoulders are warning me of dire consequences if I don’t move around more. That won’t happen unless I set limits and stick to them. Which is very difficult because I like writing more than pretty much anything else.

Fewer posts will have the side benefit of giving me more time to read the stuff you guys write. Or play video games and read books.

Every time I cross one of these “milestones,” I realize I don’t know what it means. Other than I have stuck with this blogging thing. Even when I have been sick. On vacation. Feeling uninspired. Otherwise, I don’t know if it means anything. Maybe you should be telling me what it means.

You’re the hitters and I am the hittee. You know why you keep coming to visit. Thank you! You have hugely enriched my life in more ways than I can say.

Happy New Year to everyone. We are off to Arizona on Monday, so pickings here will be leaner than usual … but I won’t be missing entirely.

And with a little luck, there will be some photographs to remember!

23 thoughts on “NUMBERS FOR A NEW YEAR

  1. Let’s not forget however many Louvres that number comes to. It is my goal to one day end up with the Louvre in my report, but I’ll probably never post enough to make it there. I can always dream…

    Happy 2016 from where it is still (for the next 25 minutes) 2015!


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