“Resolved – Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution that you kept?”

I’ve never made a New Year’s Resolution. So I guess I never kept one.

72-BW-Ben's Place- 01062015_002

Isn’t this a lovely palm tree? This first shot I converted to black and white.

72-Ben's Place- 01062015_002

This second shot is natural, more or less, not counting cropping. No matter how I did it, it has remained lovely. Does this count as resolution?

72-Cynotype-Ben's Place- 01062015_002

The final shot is a cynotype (monochrome in shades of blue), but still an excellent palm specimen.

It’s been raining steadily here since we arrived and more rain is expected. You can see the clouds building up, but that will not stop we intrepid travelers! We shall go where many tourists have gone before and take fantastic pictures! Tally ho!


Netflix binge watching is a happy past time for more and more folks these days. You can lose an entire afternoon or evening watching one series. It’s like when we were younger and would stay up til dawn to finish a good book.

Surely, you remember those days?

Marilyn and I are long time fans of the popular “NCIS” series. We follow it faithfully, new shows and multiple viewings of reruns. There are Trekkies and there are Gibbs’ People. I’m among the latter.


I have all the NCIS attire that is available. I wear them as proudly as I did the gear identifying my former TV News employer. I even complement my NCIS garments with USMC clothing to boast that I am retired Gyrene as well as a Gibbs camp follower. I even have a badge, courtesy of the local “LEOS” from my TV News days.

I am the law!

All of this mental muscle flexing underscores our binge watching of “NCIS” over the last three or more days.

We needed a fix.

It used to be “Law and Order” until we knew all the shows including the dialogue. Jack McCoy and Adam “make a deal” Schiff will return but we needed a break. I confess I still have fantasies about Angie Harmon.

“NCIS” is another matter. I’ll never get enough of Gibbs, his rules and his crew. I crave those Gibbs’ head slaps, especially when he gives it to Tony DiNozzo who is still too cheeky for me after 12 plus seasons.


Then there’s Ziva. I still pine for her. Cote de Pablo’s sly and sexy  ex-Mossad agent turned NCIS staffer still makes my blood simmer more than two seasons after her departure from the show.

Abby, the Goth princess of the forensics lab, is another star in my dreams. Her tats have me thinking impure thoughts. But I’m a senior citizen and should be cut some slack.

But it all goes back to Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Mark Harmon is now John Wayne for me. He is the stoic hero who can still kick butt of villains twice his size and half his age. Gibbs has survived multiple explosions and still has perfect hearing.

I was a bit annoyed when LJ allowed a kid to shoot him last year. A kid? For crying out loud!

I am thrilled we are only beginning season 3 of our “NCIS” binge-a-thon.

Ahead, there are new shows for this season. It’s like a belated Christmas present for functioning mutes.

On your 6, Boss!!