The mountains rise, black and forbidding right at the western edge of town.


From nicely manicured backyards by tidy suburban ranch houses, the jagged peaks soar.


There are more Saguaro cacti than there were last time we were in the area. They are protected and seem to be thriving.


You can see huge saguaro everywhere, from the front yards of tract houses to the desert in the shadow of the mountains. Tall, and strong, with impressive spikes, they do not invite you into their territory so much as dare you to come on in.


I let my camera do the walking.

22 thoughts on “JUST WEST OF PHOENIX

  1. Beautiful pink skies ! The cactai reminds me of one of our trips to the cactus garden in Kelinpong in West Bengal state of india. We had seen some rare varieties of cactus in that garden. I will try to share the pics. Still not written anything new, just enjoying your work.


  2. That is an area I would love to visit some day. What a gorgeous landscape. The cacti are truly stunning. And that sunset! Beautifully captured!

    Happy Monday and warm regards,

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  3. Just love those monster cactus – any chance of gathering a few seeds and planting them back home – indoors of course, the snow and frost would probably kill them otherwise.


    • Those particular cacti are saguaro and they are protected, though I imagine you can get seeds easily enough. Whether or not they would grow in a particular climate, I don’t know … but cactus is a pretty hardy plant and can live in a surprising variety of places. Saguaro get really big, but I think they are relatively slow growing, so you could probably grow them in pots for at least a number of years. I’ll check it out and let you know 🙂

      AND the answer is yes, you can get seeds from a variety of sources on Amazon. Probably there are nurseries in Europe and the U.K. too. They aren’t expensive, but I wouldn’t think you’d want to ship them over the ocean if you had a choice. But if you really want them and can’t find them there, I’m pretty sure I can help you.

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