You know you are on vacation when you think of something you want to post, but when you get to the computer, you can’t remember what it was and that doesn’t really bother you. Much.


I hear it’s snowing back home. That bothers me, a little. Because I don’t want to be greeted at the airport by snow. Or ice. Or cold. Or any form of New England winter.


There are flowers blooming here. Flowers, blooming in January! It’s warm enough for shirtsleeves, at least in the middle of the day. It cools down a bit as evening approaches.


They call this winter? Nah. This ain’t no winter, uh-uh. This is nice, balmy spring weather.


We went out today and took a few pictures. Ate some Thai food. Bought more toothpaste. Garry thought I’d brought extra. I thought he had a spare, but as it turned out … well, for everything else, there’s Walgreen’s.


I miss my dogs.


I want to be transported home in my sleep and wake up in my bed, warm, snug, and well-rested.



    • I am. I’m both looking forward to and dreading going home. I hate airports and planes, but it’s too far to go any other way. And it’s going to be so cold. But it IS home and I miss my dogs, my bed, my coffee 🙂


    • Mrs. Swiss, I’ve been telling Marilyn the SAME thing. Tomorrow will come soon enough. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying what remains of this terrific vacation. It is great to be a guest and just relax.


  1. You’re doggies miss you too! Owen & I have given them much loving but it’s not the same. Prepare to be mobbed when they see you home. Owen mentioned the late night flight so I’ll expect to get the “They’re home” alarm from all three dogs. As far as the weather all bets are off. They refer to the storm Saturday night as a N’or Easter but I don’t think they’re talking about a lot of accumulation just cold, wind, freezing rain and some snow. Come back to us safely and suck up as much sun as you can absorb. 🙂


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