My greatest fear is what I hear and see in the news. The headlines terrify me. 


Even the right-wing New York Daily News thinks Trump and Palin are stupid. Trust me that I pretty much never agree with anything in the Daily News. But this time, we are on the same (front) page.

I cribbed the picture from DC Montreal’s post titled “TRUMP AND PALIN: CARTOONISTS DREAM COME TRUE.”  Read it and weep. Or maybe you won’t be able to stop laughing. It is funny in a horrible way.

If you stop to really think about it, it’s also horrifying. Note that we have skipped right past alarming into a far darker place where we can glimpse a dystopian future we believed could never happen here. Today we live under the shadow of a future in which two morons stand at the helm of the U.S. ship of state. Takes my breath away. It is a national nightmare. Fear and trembling.

Things aren’t bad enough? We have to dig a bigger pit into which our entire nation can jump? Good grief. How low have we all sunk?


  1. I was subjected to a sample of Palin’s rhetoric last night, she was strident, shrill, trying too hard, and just painful to listen to. The only thing worse than Trump is Trump and Palin, and the only thing worse than that is trump vs. clinton, which is NO choice at all. dear god in heaven.

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      • You better stop worrying Marilyn and live your sweet life. Many of the most influential people in the world are Americans and they have taught me to stop worrying and start living. Did you see a book with this title? Vincent Norman Peale has written much on this. You may just realize not long from now you did not have to worry at all. Don’t you think leaders are chosen by God for a purpose? God is busy working out things for you. No matter how you worry, you will not have your way. It will be God’s way. Have I said anything Marilyn? Cheers!


  2. I am not really into American politics, probably because I do not have to live with it. However, even to my Angloswiss/European way of thought, I would dread the day if Donald Trump (or is it Donald Duck) would become President of the USA. Don’t they have to pass some sort of elementary intelligence test before they get the offer of the job?

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  3. What a frightening idea! I suppose I should not be surprised that Ms Palin would endorse Donald Trump. I had a very low opinion of her intelligence when she ran with McCain. On the up side Tina Fey should get a lot of new material out of it. Really the world seems to be being taken over by morons and it’s not funny at all.

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    • Yes, shit, Mike! Trump is getting more and more face time everywhere. Palin is a diabolically clever addition. Bernie is beginning to look better and better. Where’s Ralph Nader? Where’s Randolph Scott?


      • These are interesting times and I have no faith in voters as the dumbing down of America continues. Remember McGovern and guaranteed annual income? That didn’t go so well.


  4. We are watching from afar and can’t help asking ourselves how on earth can anyone thing Trump would be a good president for your country, hasn’t he been bankrupt 4 times, he manage himself how in hell would he be able to manage a whole country.


      • I have listened (my husband never misses an episode) to Trump since he decided he was going to be Mr. Charm. Seriously. You could almost see him turning on the “what the people want to hear” voice, and he has been wooing them ever since.

        I can’t stand the man, but I can appreciate how carefully he has done this. He was considered a buffoon, now I see people who should know better applauding the fact that he is raking in support by being direct, ‘open’, he sits there every damn night and holds court while people sit and applaud, cheer, and I think he fancies himself the next FDR with his cockamamie fireside chats. Lord help us all.

        He’s playing Middle America, telling them exactly what they want to hear. Build a wall, he says, keep those wetbacks out. Get rid of this, get rid of that, let’s make English the official language, no one will be allowed to speak anything else. A chicken in every pot and a diatribe every night…

        But the opposition isnt much better. We could get Hillary.


  5. Those two are a match made in …well I am not so sure where. I listened to BBC yesterday, listened to them talking about D. Trump and the word “stupid” was used. Today I turned on the news and saw Palin and I had to laugh, it can’t get better than that. Because this all has to be a joke, this CAN NOT be true.

    You told me a few month ago that he wouldn’t be the nominee and I want you to be right, because I don’t want to imagine what could happen if you were wrong on this one.

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    • Who are “they?” Because Trump is running on his own initiative AND — most important — his own money. You don’t permission to run for office in this country. You don’t need a party to sponsor you. You just need money and time. And he isn’t a candidate, not yet anyway. He’s running for a chance to be nominated.

      So what is he doing? Trying to buy a shot at the presidency. He is rich enough to do it with his own personal fortune which means he has enough money to burn. Despite everything, the man is very far from stupid. He plays the clown, but under the facade he is a cunning and twisted — possibly dangerous — guy. But he was never chosen by anyone to run. He decided to do it and can afford it — so nobody can just make him go away. Short of losing at the polls, he isn’t breaking any laws and it is, as they say, a free country.

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  6. From my British understanding, he’s much like Nigel Farage from out UKIP party, which plays on the fears of the few, laying all the blame at immigration. Last election his party got one seat in Westminster. So much for the dent they are making to change politics. Trump is playing to the basic human fears your countries has, or lowest common denominator. I’ll stop there before I turn patronising, you know him far better than I do. What I personally see is a baffoon who is riding a wave of popularity that when it really comes down to it will fail. He’s on the biggest soap-box he’s ever had. if he came to power and god forbid he does my estimation of America would drop lower than it has since G.W was in power. And that’s saying something. I hope who ever your country elects they will be respectful, not going around making out-landlish statements that could start something messy. Common sense should prevail.


      • He’s in no way electable, if anything he’s a gimmick for the republican party to drum up support. hopefully voters will wake up soon, you need a serious person with serious policies, not a bunch of statements you might agree with in the spare of the moment, that’s not politics. Probably part of the reason that Ed Miliband of our Labour party lost.


  7. Watched from afar, it’s riveting in a watching-a-train-wreck-in-slow-motion kind of way. But surely – surely! – it;s not going to happen. In the world’s most intelligent nation? But then again, you did have GWB – and the Roman and Greek Empires both eventually imploded… Won’t the Electoral College stop it?


    • The electoral college has no real power. America has made some terrible choices before, although this may top all previous disasters. The President doesn’t make laws. He’s the CEO, the party (whichever party he represents) leader. But there are limits to what he can do. He cannot make law and while he can veto a law, vetoes can be overturned. Checks and balances. We have a very good constitution and in the end, it is our saving grace.


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