Unorthodox Lemonade

First, define orthodox. Because I’m not sure what that means or how it applies to lemons.

Is there an official — aka orthodox — way to “do” life? A right way to find solutions to problems? If there is, no one sent me the memo.

It reminds me of all the times in my life when I have found myself in one of the messes life dumps on me.


Then, there’s a guy. Who knows another guy. Who knows about a procedure. Which leads to a doctor who has a lot of influence at a major hospital. And finds my case interesting.

So he invents a surgery. Gets the hospital to do it for free because I have no medical insurance. Donates his services plus those of two other surgical teams … and I get fixed. I don’t die. I live to have another crisis.

Isn’t that how it goes for everyone?

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

17 thoughts on “UNORTHODOX LEMONADE”

  1. I don’t think there are too many hard and fast rules, Marilyn. We all bring different approaches to the table. I’m always amused by the different approaches our children take. I have learned a lot from them.


  2. There were rules? Why didnt someone tell me?


    I’ve learned more from messes (mine and anyone else’s) on what NOT to do than I ever did from doing it right.


  3. Unorthodox lemonade is the cure for what ails ya. It also reminds me of something that was a “thing” about 15 years ago called “Googlewhacking.” The point was to type two completely unrelated words that didn’t seem to go together into Google, and if it returned only and exactly one result, it was a Googlewhack.


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