Ted Cruz is telling you lies about the results of Australia’s gun buyback

And a voice from down under. Don’t believe the crap those pols spout. They are blatant lies.

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In my previous post (about ten minutes ago) I pointed out that however laid-back Australians might appear, we didn’t survive by allowing ourselves to be walked on – and I’m sure as hell not starting now.

Ted Cruz is either abysmally ignorant and incapable of accurate research, or a blatant liar. Whether he rides roughshod over the truth about his own country I have no idea, but he’s not going to do it about mine and get away with it.

The rates of sexual assault in Australia did NOT rise following the 1996 gun buyback, and whether he’s lying or just stupid, he’d better eat his words pretty damn quick. Spouting falsehoods about us does not go down well in this country, particularly when they’re used to further a political agenda that most Australians find ludicrous, not to say sick.

Certainly there’s the odd gun fanatic here who’d like to…

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