Once a year, because we are very lucky, a good friend sends us tickets to see the Boston Pops Christmas concert. It’s always a joyful experience and is the high point of our holiday season.

This is one Sunday night in December 2015 — at the Boston Pops at Symphony Hall, Boston.

16 thoughts on “BIG NIGHT IN BOSTON

  1. Nothing like a Pops concert. We’ve been a few times over the past 22 years! It’s sad that we are so close to so much culture and we rarely “get to town.”


    • It’s the parking. It’s VERY difficult to find parking in the middle of Boston. Even when (as I do) you have a handicapped pass. Boston’s traffic and parking have been getting steadily work for decades and they don’t seem to be trying to improve it. Most of us don’t go into town unless we absolutely must and that’s a pity because there’s so much stuff to do and see in Boston.

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    • Boston is 70 miles away. They have everything … but we don’t get there often. Not only is it a long trip, but traffic is always heavy and parking is scarce. This is worth it … but often, just the drive is enough to put us off.


  2. What a fun night that was — even if Keith didn’t do “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. He needs to answer for that omission. But it was nice to spend a night out with our dear friends. A night made possible by another very, very terrific friend.


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