I started to write today’s Daily Prompt, but it was the third time around for “create an eighth deadly sin.” I began writing, but lost interest after a paragraph. If it was boring me, it would have put you into a coma.


I was going to write a brand new post. I had a terrific idea when I went to bed last night, but I had entirely forgotten it by the time I woke up today.  Gone. All I remember is that there was something I wish I could remember.


I’m listening to a science fiction novel that’s been very highly praised by many reviewers. It’s duller than dirt. Worse, I’m not sure what it’s about. I can’t discern a plot or a character. No motivation, no action. Dull conversations about nothing in particular, but taking place in a spaceship. I hate it.

This is notable largely for being sompletely unprocessed. There didn't seem to be anything I could do to improve on it.

This photograph is notable for being unprocessed. There seemed nothing I could do that would improve it.

What’s happened to science fiction? What’s happened to literature? What’s with these murky books that meander, without any apparent plot, through time, space, and dimensions? Where are authors with stories to tell? With interesting and memorable characters? Have I outlived the literature I love?

I was going to go take pictures, but I can’t think of anything to shoot that I haven’t shot a dozen times before. It’s probably the mid-winter blahs, El Niño edition. It’s warm. No snow except for little piles of brown, melting stuff from the tiny storm last week.

Testing the "Old Westerns" Topaz filter.

Testing the “Old Westerns” Topaz filter.

It looks like winter despite the springlike temperatures. The sky is pale grayish blue, the sun a cold, diffused light which highlights the drab landscape.

I remind myself it’s not snowing. Which is reason enough for gratitude, even celebration. I’m think I’m going through Arizona withdrawal.


It’s Saturday. There’s nothing on my calendar until next Wednesday … and that’s just taking Bonnie for grooming.

I was gonna do something. But I didn’t.

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  1. so far so good with this winter Marilyn…. it’s been warm enough to melt a lot of our 18 inches of snow from last week. This time of year always seems to bring the doldrums doesn’t it?


    • It has been a really gentle, very not New England winter and I am grateful. This time of year is always kind of dull. The holidays are finished and we’ve taken our big vacation. Nothing more until spring when there are Jewish and Christian holidays and everybody’s birthdays. February is my least favorite month. I dislike Valentine’s Day and no matter what year, it’s always a lackluster month. At least it’s short.


  2. When I die, it will be because i can’t endure the mental wasteland of another winter.


  3. Lovely photos!
    It’s good that you’re having a warm winter after a holiday in such a hot location. Less of a shock when you came back home.


  4. I think all of my greatest ideas were things I managed to forget before I could get around to them. Who knows how much more advanced a society we would be today if it were not for human forgetfulness?


  5. I am similarly less than thrilled with things in general today. I ate, napped, and watched basketball alllll day long and now it’s quarter after nine at night and my brain is seriously SCREAMING to be stimulated. I might be up for awhile…


    • I feel like all my bubbles have gone flat. Maybe it’s just the winter blahs. Holidays over. Vacation finished. Lots of doctor appointments and stuff to “take care of,” none of which is any fun. Oh well. Spring will come. It will. Hugs.


  6. Maybe boredom is that eighth deadly thing? If so, you’re forgiven…your post was actually quite witty. Thanks from here!


  7. Your first photo, and the one of the old Superstition Church show a wonderful examples of “Cholla”. Those of us from the SW (and probably you now) know that a “Jumping Cholla” is not a high school cheerleader! Great photos!


    • Thanks. Garry got snagged by one of those guys. A little one that sort of snuck up on him. They are really hard to dislodge, combining the discomfort of cacti (I got stung trying to remove it from his jeans) and the sticking power of a burr. Is that’s what our western heroes did in their spare time? Try to disengage from the flora?

      I had such a great time. I really miss it. Especially the big blue bowl of a sky.

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  8. You are definitely going through a lull.


  9. These are wonderful photos. And I know that frustration of good ideas slipped away in the night, just leaving a hint of memory. As to good books and writers – have you tried Hilary Mantell’s Wolf Hall – a wonderful evocation of Thomas Cromwell and murky Tudor politics, She’s such a muscular writer. And this is not just a ‘historical novel’; more real history.


    • I will look her up. I need a really good book to revive my faith in literature. My favorite authors seem to be between series. Despite having read a LOT of book since summer, I can barely remember any of them. That’s a bad sign.


      • Us Brits have her down as the greatest living British writer, which is a lot to live up to. Wolf Hall is part of a trilogy, the third part not out yet. Vols 1 and 2 both won the Booker Prize for literature – which of course isn’t always a recommendation.


  10. I hear ya, lady. I take D all winter for that.

    I tend to apologize more at this time of year, since the skin I wore all the rest of the
    year is so much thinner, and even sweaters don’t help. maybe it’s the tilt of the earth,
    or the angle of the sun just now, but damn I know that feeling too.

    It ain’t pretty.

    When I can’t find something I like in the new stuff, I go back to the stuff I know will work.

    Take care of yourself, spring really is coming. Really.


    • My head knows that spring is actually not far away, but the rest of me is going through a really bad case of the blahs. Boring books, repeat prompts, the holidays and our vacation — over. Sigh. But you are right. It WILL come. It will. Come.


  11. You have some good pictures there. The last one is for me so American, like those big water tanks that seem to exist in all the villages in the prairies.
    I managed to avoid talking about a deadly sin, twice. one for Tabby and one for me. Sometimes I have a sinking feeling when I start the computer after my midday golden oldie sleep. Oh no, not again.
    I have never listened to a book, so have no experience. I prefer horror to science fiction, but now and again I find something interesting. I just finished the 5th Wave which wasn’t too bad, but I wanted more. And now I have seen there are two further books.
    I am still reading about General Patton and whether he was killed or not. In any case there were enough people that hated him and he was not exactly diplomatic. Eisenhower hated him, Lord Montgomery hated him, the Russians hated him, but the Ukrainians liked him. I believe Patton came from Boston – ever met any of his relatives?
    Mr. Swiss keeps uploading films. We now have the complete Bosch and the new fargo series as well as the finale of Downton Abbey.


    • Bosch is good. We’re looking forward to the second season which starts on Amazon Prime March 11th (which is my birthday and therefore the only reason I can remember it!).

      Downton Abbey was a disappointment for us. Other people loved it, but we didn’t. Too many rich people having rich people problems. And their servants gossiping about the rich people for whom they work. Not our cuppa tea.

      Patton was born in California and went to college in Virginia, so he wasn’t a local kid. In any case, he came from the upper class where folks like us are not welcome, so even if he’d lived around the corner, we’d never have connected. If someone killed him, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. But I’m betting it was just bad driving. Or not.

      I just couldn’t do that prompt again. I just couldn’t. Sometimes, I can scrape up some energy, but today? Nope.


  12. When I have good ideas that come to me just before bed, I already know and accept that I won’t remember them the next day. The processor takes a couple days to search for them.


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