El Niño has thus far saved us from blizzards, but it’s dull and rather drab here in New England. It’s still better than being buried under mountains of snow.



I’m continuing to process the photographs from Arizona. I’m not half done yet, so expect more to come. This particular batch is all about the sky. In color, monochrome, and black & white. Probably the best part of being in the southwest in January are the cloud formations.

I kept hearing “Ghost Riders In The Sky” echoing in my brain. Yippee yi ai!

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  1. Beautiful.
    The groundhog didn’t see his shadow – but it wouldn’t matter otherwise cuz El Nino has blessed us with a mild winter. One month to go.


  2. Such gorgeous landscapes; I especially like the third one in the series, it really reminds me of Ansel Adams.


  3. The monochrome really brings out the clouds. I know how you feel – ghost riders in the sky for sure.


  4. The special effects do make the skies even more dramatic.


    • They are mostly just filters, so they don’t create anything that isn’t there. Rather, they bring out things that are there, but less visible. Just converting a picture to B&W, for example, completely changes the way you see the sky. Without doing anything but switching to monochrome.

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  5. so much sky- such beautiful clouds. so different from our skies crowded here in the suburbs


  6. Looking at the pictures makes me feel overwhelmed. They are all beautiful. You have captured them so well. Their true splendour is clearly visible in your clicks. Lovely.
    Here’s hoping you’ll visit my blog too at


  7. Skys seem to differ in different countries to me. You have the big wide open spaces which make the effect overwhelming. Our skies are fringed with mountains. The widest skies I ever saw in Europe were in Vienna, there seemed to be nothing in the way.


  8. The winter skies in Arizona and New Mexico can be absolutely stunning — you saw a good number of spectacular cloud formations!


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