Who should narrate my life? 

This is an area in which I can truly claim expertise. I listen to … have listened to … thousands of audiobooks. Am currently listening to two (one on the computer in the living room, a second in the bedroom on the Kindle).

Marguerite Gavin.


She has a warm, easy-to-listen-to voice. She puts enough feeling into her readings and characterizations that you know who is “speaking” without a cheat sheet, but has that hard-to-find ability to become the book. To disappear into the author’s words so that you forget you are listening to a performance and feel that you have moved into the story and are living it.

Many “famous” narrators, actors really, don’t get narrating as a different art form. Meryl Streep is a brilliant actress, but an awful narrator. Dustin Hoffman, on the other hand, is as good a narrator as he is an actor … which is remarkable. Will Patton is a good actor, but an absolutely brilliant narrator.

So Marguerite, please reserve some time to record my life. I’m sure you could do it perfectly.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

22 thoughts on “THE NARRATOR”

  1. My favorite narrator is a voice actress named Lesley Ann Fogle. She narrated the audio version of one of my books, and her vocal talent is really amazing. If I were to have someone narrating my life, I’d pick her!


    1. You are one of the few people who actually knows one narrator from another — and knows that narrating is a different art than acting. Most people figure anyone with a good voice can be a narrator. If your books are in audio, I’ll have to check them out. I’m always looking for a new author, but I don’t read much print anymore. My eyes and I have made a deal about that 🙂

      Do you write under the same name you use to blog? You didn’t come up in Audible.

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  2. I love what both Jim Dale and Stephen Fry have done with the Harry Potter books. If I had to choose a favorite between them, I’d choose Jim Dale. He was the narrator for the tv show Pushing Daisies, and did a marvelous job on it.


    1. Jim Dale is in a class by himself. Stephen Fry is also one of the good ones. There are quite a few really good ones out there these days. I just am particularly fond of some more than others and there’s not special reason why. It’s liking strawberry jam better than raspberry 🙂

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      1. Most things come down to personal preference. 😀 I only have the first of the British Harry Potter novels in audio but the full set of the American ones that Dale did, even though he is British. I just love how his voice captures the text without getting in the way of your imagination.


  3. They used to narrate children’s stories on the radio and it was wonderful. One in particular was Maggie Muggins, a little red-haired girl who always got into trouble. (I could identify with that)


  4. I found you all the same, even without pingback – yes I am a good operater, thanks to the reader. I really did not have anyone in mind for my narration, except for Vincent Price or perhaps Christopher Lee. Of course Queen Elizabeth would do as well, she speaks so perfectly. I have never listened to an audio book, so cannot pass any recommendation. I suppose I preferring hearing my own voice.


    1. Do you know what thread you are on? I couldn’t find yours, so I started a new one … but they ought to be a single thread. Do you have a link?

      Vincent was a great guy. As was Lee. Pity that both are gone. Even Basil Rathbone. Alas, the passing of the classics.


      1. Here is the link to my forum topic –, although I now got an answer to say they have a general problem with the pingbacks at the moment. Seems to me they have a general problem with everything. The guy even apologised for not answering sooner, but my complaint seemed to have slipped between the gap he said. Anyhow perhaps it might be a good thing to file a complaint yourself, then they might realise that we are all suffering. I had to laugh, the guy calls himself a “happiness engineer”, seems a bit ironic to me.


  5. I haven’t listened to audio books in a long time… except those done by volunteers. The actor who played John Boy on the Waltons… i forget his name. He was/is a good narrator.


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