Just two days after we got to Arizona, we spent a long day exploring the desert around Phoenix.

72-Gila River-MAR-Sunday-011016_211

The city sprawls for miles, but the desert spreads out even further. Interesting surprises are out there in the desert.

72-Garry- Ben-Sunday-011016_196

We found a dirt road that seemed to be going somewhere, so we followed it. It led to a smelly water recycling facility which, if you could handle the odor, had some interesting photo opportunities.


Then, we went a bit further and just around the corner, a riding stable with a lot of very handsome horses, a casino, and a Sheraton Hotel with exquisite landscaping.


Back to the desert … Vistas of mountains in the distance.


Twisted ironwood under which speedy little quail dart around as if they had no wings, preferring to run everywhere. At top speed.


And then it was time for lunch in “Rawhide.”



The food was really good and we were hungry. And tired. Ready to go home, which we did, stopping only for a beautiful sunset.



Photos by Garry and Marilyn Armstrong

16 thoughts on “DUDES IN THE DESERT

  1. What a coincidence to read about Arizona, because few days ago I started to gorgeous magazine called Arizona Highways from 1963! I was young boy when I ordered it to Finland.

    Have a nice day!


    • Thanks 🙂 The deserts in the middle east are almost identical, right down to the saguaro cacti that were brought over in the 1500s by missionaries from the southwest. The weather is the same, too.


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