A long first movement. Snow fell slowly, relentless. No wind, so the sticky whiteness adhered to every surface, twig. Every inch of ground.


The world went white and then darkness fell.


The woodwinds were silent for a long pause and are still silent today. Not an oboe — an ill-wind that no one blows good — to be heard. Only a piccolo twitter from an early Carolina wren (wondering how he wound up in this symphony when he was sure he was playing the Rites of Spring) breaks the slow, almost ponderous progressions of the strings.

72-Kitchen-Indian Corn-Snow-020616_028

A long symphony is underway. Weeks long. It is only for those with the most patient ears, those willing to sit through the shiny but slow middle until at last, the orchestra breaks free.

72-Morning After-Snow-Day-012416_01

Then, bring forth the wild excitement of the Molto allegro con vivo third and final movement. With flowers, please.

Daily Prompt: Critical Eye (Musically speaking)

17 thoughts on “ANDANTE SOSTENUTO

  1. I keep wondering if that concert is ever going to play here this year or not. Last February was a veritable rock festival of Snowapalooza. Not that I’m looking to buy tickets to that again this year… as long as the rainy opera of December doesn’t come back…


    • I would have been happy enough to skip the whole snow thing, but if we had to get some, this wasn’t so awful. Lots of broken trees — that’s the worst part. And I think more are probably damaged and will fall down the next time there’s a strong breeze. But it’s already the end of the first week of February … and with a little luck, we’ll get out the other end alive and not buried in ice and snow.


    • When the world looks this incredible, I want to set it to music. Even now, the the snow is falling from the tree limbs — about half has come down — it’s still extraordinary. Vivaldi … Beethoven? Stravinsky? It needs and orchestra 🙂


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