With the world around us covered with snow, it seems a perfect time for one (last?)(probably not) visit to Arizona …


We were watching an old western the other night. “The Quest” was an unsuccessful TV pilot. Marilyn watched it for a while, then said “That’s Arizona. We were just there. That’s just outside Phoenix. I have pictures of that mountain. You have pictures of that mountain.”


We watched the credits. She was right. (I hate when that happens.) It was, indeed, Arizona.


We have pictures. These are my pictures of those mountains. As opposed to Marilyn’s, which look pretty much the same. Roads cross the sands where before, there was empty desert. More houses, here and there.


Many more cacti. Arizona has done a really good job protecting the saguaro, so they’ve been growing huge and spiny since the movie was made in 1976.


The mountains haven’t changed.


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  1. LoL !! Nice.
    I recall watching Quest for Fire (1981) and this guy sitting in front of me was identifying all the locations: “Hey, that’s Cathedral Grove on Vancouver Island.” Hey, that’s the Alberta Badlands” … and on and on. I thought he was crazy, but the credits revealed that he was dead on. Really surprised me. Now they film up here all the time – mainly because and our Canadian dollar isn’t worth a nickel.


  2. Great photos! We’ve driven cross-country six times (3 different routes) and American beauty abounds. One of these days, I’ll get those albums out. Thanks for sharing, Gary! 🙂 p.s. Rarely a day goes by when we’re watching TV and don’t exclaim in unison, “We’ve been there!”


    • I love when that happens. It makes me feel connected to the movies. When we were in Ireland, we went hunting for the set of “The Quiet Man.” That was totally cool 🙂


  3. Great photographs of a great part of the country.


  4. Lovely terrain, that Arizona.


  5. Pretty cool to have the exact same photo! Marilyn has a good eye. I like Arizona too, although it can be too hot and dry sometimes. The natural beauty is quite outstanding, I agree. Love the color contrast a lot there.


  6. Even though it looks rather dry, I would still prefer Arizona to the coming snow.

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  7. Beautiful place and photos 🙂 No wonder that it was a movie set!

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