Never again. Really. Never.

I’m never moving again. Never.

Boston road signs

I’m never going back to that horrible motel on the Cape. Or that hideous cockroach motel in Montreal.


Never taking another college course or reading another textbook.

I’m also never going riding (horseback) again, but that’s not a choice. I just can’t and I wish I could.


Not going swimming in the ocean anymore. That water is COLD.

Never going to commute daily to a job (yay!) … and never going to take a load of crap from a boss.


As you get older, the number of things about which you will say “never again” begin to pile up. Mostly, without regret. Except for the horses. I’ll always yearn for horses.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. Retired! Yay!

26 thoughts on “A LOT OF NEVER AGAIN”

  1. I wish I could say that I’m never moving again, but I anticipate at least 2 more moves – the first one into a one-story ranch house (with a lot large enough that we don’t care about neighbors) and the second into a senior apartment somewhere down the road. I’m not looking forward to cleaning my current house out of more than 20 years worth of stuff.


    1. Oh, I’d move to a nice flat ranch house in a warmer climate in a heartbeat if we could possible do it, but we can’t. We’re upside down on this place and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.
      The irony is we could afford to live very comfortably somewhere else … just not here. Massachusetts is expensive.


      1. I hear you. We’ll only be able to move if we can find a fairly cheap ranch house in fairly good condition (wishful thinking) and then sell our current house at a price high enough to not only cover the purchase but to also leave us some wiggle room (also, wishful thinking). We’ll see what the future holds – maybe my neighbors will get foreclosed and won’t be an issue any more, and then we can just stay.


          1. I see these nice houses for sale in Arizona for the price of a small apartment in the city I live in. Why are the prices so cheap? Is it just the hot weather that deters people from wanting to live there? I searched the internet for an answer but not much came up.


            1. I suppose salaries are also lower there. We have quite a few friends in the area who went there to retire. Most of the southwest (not counting really trendy locations like parts of New Mexico) are pretty inexpensive compared to cities. I think we need to ask why where WE live is so expensive, rather than why they are so cheap.


          2. $100,000 is our upper limit. I can get a decent house here in Buffalo for $70-80,000, especially if we’re willing to do some updating. My house will sell for just over $100,000. The problem is that we need some space around us, and those houses are hard to come by for under $200,000. An uncle just had a house built in an over-55 community for half a million. Unless something just happens to pop on the market, like an estate sale, we’re pretty much stuck where we are for the next few years. Wherever we go, I have to keep in mind that in a few years we will both be on Social Security with dramatically reduced income, so I really can’t commit to a large mortgage right now. It will all work out eventually, but it’s going to take time.


  2. You look really good on that horse. Something I have never done and cannot. Too high up. Otherwise a very good list, I could add a few. That toilet reminds me of a few hotels, but it is a great photo.


    1. I loved riding. I got pretty good at it, though never great. Garry loved it too. But we got old and mostly, we got arthritic and my back is pretty dicey. So we don’t. But I yearn. I even like the smell of horse. Just being around them makes me happier.

      That place on the Cape was such a dump. On the positive side, we had the best weather we’ve had for any vacation. Probably better to be in a bad hotel with great weather than a great hotel with bad weather 🙂


  3. always wished I could have learned to ride, play the piano or the guitar, learn to dance decently.
    sometimes it’s not never again, but never.

    I don’t regret the life I have, or had, it has served me well. But now and then…


    1. I played the piano well, but not well enough to call myself a pianist. The guitar? Badly, but in those olden golden days, it was enough to carry a guitar around. You didn’t actually need to be able to play it.

      I wanted to ride when I was a kid, but my mother wouldn’t pay for lessons. When my son was 10, I sent him to riding camp and I realized that my son would learn to ride, but I never would. So I bought myself lessons. Later, when Garry and I were married, we took lessons together and it was great … until my back went into it’s final downhill slide. Still, I’m glad I did it.

      I don’t regret much of anything, except maybe not handling my money better. It would be nice to not be poor … but it’s good to be alive. And fine to be retired. I’m okay with the way it has worked out, mostly.


      1. I like the horsey picture.., you are pretty cute in that one as well. OK the horse is good lookin’ too.., but not like you 🙂

        Everybody who had a guitar was carrying it around and claiming to know a few folk songs (chords only). I just didn’t want to be like all the rest and so began to study Flamenco guitar technique. I’d rip off a few “hand clapping” and “foot stomping” licks in an attempt at stealing the show at one of these “Folk ins.” Life and the appreciation of ethnic value was so hip then.., I really miss what we tried to accomplish…, and then reality cut in and changed everything.., you know.., we had to get jobs ‘n’ stuff.


        1. Work is the curse of the leisure class, isn’t it? I wanted to be the next great American novelist, but wound up documenting software for AI systems. I suspect that the world gained a very good tech writer and lost a really mediocre novelist 🙂


    1. Thank you! I tried to do the things that really mattered to me and not get stuck in trival pursuits (sorry about the pun). Because I had a pretty bad back from very early, I was always aware that I didn’t have an unlimited time to do whatever I wanted to do which required I be physically fit. Glad I didn’t wait 🙂

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