I abhor the very idea of expectations. I don’t make resolutions. I don’t write to-do or bucket lists, though I did buy a new bucket to go with a new mop.

Photo by Ben Taylor
Photo by Ben Taylor

Thus, I had no expectations for this glad new year. I never do. That’s how come all my expectations are always met and exceeded. An utter lack of expectation is a fine thing. It lets me enjoy whatever happens without feeling cheated because I expected something better or different.

dogs are welcome wyatt earp tombstone

Here’s my advice for those who feel obliged to write bucket lists, New Year’s Resolutions, and other devices of cruel and unusual punishment.


If you cannot restrain yourself? Set the bar very low. Bury that bar deep in the earth so you can step over it without even noticing it. The things that will happen, the opportunities which will come to you will never be what you planned. Will never turn out the way you expected. And none will ever be what you think you deserve.


Whatever comes, it will be better or worse, and guaranteed to be completely different.

My year has gone fabulously so far. How’s yours?

25 thoughts on “A 20-20 BACKWARDS GLANCE”

  1. Spring Training begins this week. Hope springs eternal!
    That guy on the burro looks like a member of the Johnson family from Rock Ridge.


  2. The challenge for us, this year, is to grow our corn and harvest it before the animals get it. Last year we only had one cob. Everything else was nibbled on.


  3. I always make the same resolution when the new year comes, “Never make a New Year’s Resolution”.
    I used to say I was going to win the lottery but I got tired of never achieving my goal.


  4. I don’t really like making New Year resolutions but I do like making lists. Not bucket lists so much but if I’m going somewhere I will make a list of things I’d like to do. We would have the “Must do” list and the “like to do list.”. However they were just guides, being too rigid on holidays is not a good idea.


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