Today is Leap Day.

Leap Day used to mean something, but now, it’s just something we call that extra day we get at the end of February every four years.

Once upon a time, it really meant that the calendar leapt over a day to correct the time for a fixed calendar. We no longer “leap” over anything, but the name stuck.

Chrysanthemum autumn

Today, however, I got to do my own leaping. This is the time of year when Blue Cross requires you to get prior authorizations for almost every medication I or my husband takes. It doesn’t matter how long we’ve been taking them … or that there is no other medication that does the same thing. We have to LEAP over the hurdle of getting authorized so we can keep on keeping one.

It seemed a singularly appropriate day to spend hours on the phone with the customer service woman at Blue Cross. She was charming, friendly, helpful. I was ready to snarl and get angry, but she was so nice and … well … she pretty much took care of everything for both me and Garry and I hung up the phone feeling like I had a lot of disgruntled and nowhere to use it.

chrysanthemum 0630-15

Watching NCIS last night, they were leaping out of airplanes for fun. Sky diving. Garry used to sky dive. He liked it. I probably would have liked it. It’s not the diving that’s a problem for me. It’s the landing. The bad spine has been bad since I was a teenager. One bad landing is all I need. Along with horse-back riding, it’s one of the two named activities that I’ve been warned by everyone is very likely to finish me off should I be stupid enough to pursue them.


I can do without jumping out of airplanes, but I really miss the horses.

In the name of using up a little of the disgruntle (I assume this is the noun version of the word “disgruntled”) I feel, why does every single camera have to use a different battery from every other camera? Does someone make money from this? I can’t see how it makes more money.

We’d have to buy batteries anyway for our widgets and gadgets and cameras and other devices. We just wouldn’t have to try to figure out which one goes where … and what did I do with the charger?


It drives me nuts, especially when the batteries are from cameras of the same manufacturer and look almost identical … but require different chargers and absolutely will not fit in each others’ battery cases. I have so many chargers in this house, I’ve lost count and I often have to walk around with batteries in my hand following a shoot trying to figure out which one goes in which after-market charger (because a lot of cameras don’t even come with chargers anymore).

Mayan calendar

Okay. Now I feel better. You have a great week, okay? Super Tuesday is tomorrow, so I hope you are planning to vote for a sane person who isn’t out to destroy our world.

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  1. I am going to use Leap Day to leap to new changes for the good in March.


  2. I’m one of those people who loves quirks, and thus likes February 29th better than any other day on the calendar, even my own birthday. We have a new manager coming onto my shift starting tonight. It’s the second time we’ve gotten a new manager on Leap Day (Also in 2008). Did you know the last two Major League Baseball players to be born on February 29th each had a surname of Long? (Which is amusing given that leap day makes the year longer) My sister’s best friend growing up was a Leap Day baby (1980). The Monkees’ Davy Jones is the only significant celebrity to have died on February 29th (2012). I could go on and on and bore you until next Leap Day…


    • I always like that the “leap” in leap day has become meaningless. What mostly is interesting is that instead of the usual exactly 4-week February, that extra day changes everything and sets the whole year to follow at an angle.

      You are a storehouse of Leap Information. You could do a Leap Trivia special because I didn’t know any of that stuff.

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  3. My daughter does customer services/sales for one of the other health insurance companies. They’re trained to deal with people like you. (Well, not like you are normally, but like you were today when you called – didn’t mean to malign you in any way!).

    As for it being leap year, I was just glad it was my normal day off work so I didn’t have to give my employer that one extra day this year.


    • Well, I’ve dealt with other health care organizations and Blue Cross really IS better. Maybe they train their people better? Or hire better people? Or pay them better (I worked for Blue Cross for five years and they paid really well)? I am still pissed they put me through this stupid exercise every year, but I suppose it’s the price we pay for having insurance at all.

      I never thought of it, but you’re right. On leap year, you work an extra day if it falls on a work day. Hmm. Never thought about it. Maybe you should get overtime?

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  4. I think El Niño might be over too. We could have used a bit more of the wet stuff.
    Love your line “…a lot of disgruntled and nowhere to use it.”


    • Thank you. My best line of the day. I was all ready to be pissed off, but she was so nice and helpful. It ruined my bad mood 🙂 If there is a disgruntled, ought there not also be a disgruntle and perhaps, a serious disgruntlement?

      El Nino is welcome here ANY time. It gave us an unusually warm winter with a lot of rain (to substitute for the usual snow-melt).

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  5. I think the problem is that so-called progress goes so fast today, when you buy a new gadget it is already old after a week, because there is something much better, and faster of course. I also have a collection of charges and cameras and I take most photos with my iPhone these days.


    • I have really nice cameras but I have a tendency to reach for the lightest, smallest one because it’s the lightest and smallest. I think I’ve always preferred small and light, even way back in the film days. I don’t use my cell phone for much of anything. I just don’t LIKE it and it doesn’t like me, either.


  6. I was just thinking how I could have very well done without this leap day today, but then I saw your photos and they brought colours in the last dull day of this February. I see your pain Marilyn, and I know how it feels. I hope there is a way for you to enjoy the company of horses without risking your health. The photo of chargers made me smile – it was like looking under my own desk :D. The elections are tomorrow? Well, I hope the nation will be wise. What you guys decide reflects on the rest of the world. P.S. Forgot to mention how much I love your portrait of the horse and that colourful bunch you started with.


    • Oh tomorrow is not the REAL election. It’s just a big “primary” day. We’re still picking candidates, but tomorrow there are a whole bunch of them including here in Massachusetts. I hope the American people aren’t as dumb as they seem.

      I’ve made peace with not being able to ride. I really miss it, even though it has been 20 years since I stopped being allowed to do it. Funny how we can keep missing something for so very long, isn’t it?

      I just got a refurbished Olympus OM-D E-M5, which is the high end of the Olympus line, or was except now there’s the newer version of it. I’ll never have money for a new one, so I settled for this one and I don’t see that it’s much different than the latest greatest version. I’m still trying to figure out all the menus.I miss my old Leica M-3. Manual everything, three good lenses. Rangefinder. It took fabulous pictures. Light, compact, and all you needed to know was how to thread film, set the f-stop, shutter and film speed. The rest was using your eye. These days, the technology gets in my way.

      And there are WAY too many batteries!!


  7. Happy Leap Day!


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