I took these oddballs less than an hour ago, using my Pentax Q-S1 and its “normal” f1.8 lens. Nothing remarkable or notable about this, except that for the past week, I thought I’d lost it.


I have never lost a camera in my more than 40 years of photography. I’ve dropped one and seen it explode, but never lost one.

A Blogger's Whiteboard

A Blogger’s Whiteboard

I obsess about my cameras. Every lens is packed in a protective pouch, then put in a protective bag. Camera bags are organized. I can find whatever I want quickly. So how did I misplace a camera? Especially one I use so often? Glad you asked.

We’ve been traveling lately, most recently to Connecticut to visit Tom and Ellin Curley (newest members of Team Serendipity). Go team!

Waiting for spring

Waiting for spring

But, I digress.

I have not been taking a lot of pictures lately. It’s a dull time of year for pictures. When I wanted to take a few quick shots at home, I reached for my Q. Not there. Garry’s camera was where mine should be. Lenses were in place … but my red Pentax Q-S1 was missing.

I hadn’t used it in Connecticut, but I was sure I’d brought it back from Arizona. I looked. Garry looked. I looked again. Then, looked one more time, just in case. I was certain it would turn up. It had to. No way would I lose a camera. Totally out of character.

Today, after more than a week with my camera still MIA, I began morosely to check online for a replacement. The Pentax Q camera series isn’t expensive — a brand new body costs just over $200. But I didn’t want a new one. I wanted my little red Q-S1. It is almost new. It’s red, cute and all set up the way I like it.

That’s when Garry asked if I’d checked the car. No, I hadn’t checked the car. Why hadn’t I checked the car?


It was in the car. In the case. On the floor in the back seat where I put it myself. (I put cameras on the floor because they can’t fall off the floor.) Why didn’t I look there first? No idea. Why didn’t Garry tell me to look there? He has no idea.

My camera is home. It’s fine. But I think my brain is broken.


  1. The sound of camera not falling on the car floor – very Zen. Breath, push button, capture moment. 🙂
    Glad you recovered camera and photos . 🙂


  2. Oh how I know the feeling. I had my camera bag stolen with 2 cameras in it, and several memory cards. I was lost. I had just my cellphone. I had to save up and buy a new camera. Thank goodness you had found yours


    • It was really a memory glitch because it wasn’t lost. It was right where it was put. I just didn’t realize it hadn’t been taken in from the car when we got home. I should know better and check that everything has come in. I used to do that, but … well … I’m getting older and I forget.


  3. I’m glad you found your camera, Marilyn. I lost a camera once in Israel. We were in a taxis and it just got left behind. It was a heart breaker because we never got it back. The camera was no great shakes but the pictures would have been incredible and they were irreplaceable.


      • I just wish I could have those pictures now. We drove all over. Visited friends and the Technion University in Haifa. There were a slew of memories in those pictures.


        • Me too. It was my 50th birthday, before Katrina. We stayed in the French Quarter and hiked everywhere. It was delicious, one of the nicest long weekends we’ve ever taken.

          I had no camera in Israel most of the years I lived there and have virtually no pictures from the time there. How I wish it were otherwise.


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