It is raining. It has been raining hard and steadily for two days — so far. According to the forecast, it is going to continue to do this for at least a week. After which, there’s a good chance we’ll have a short break followed by more rain.

72-BW-Fog and Rain On-The-Road_028

It’s mud season in New England.

This is not unusual. March is traditional mud and flood season. A combination of melting snow and spring rains turns the ground to goo. Mold grows on every surface. Did you know that vinyl siding can grow green with mold? It can and does.


This year, we have no melting snow, but we are getting plenty of rain. We need the rain. (Rain is good. OM.)


Although I am painfully aware of just how badly we need water to refill rivers, ponds, and the aquifer, a lot of rain in a very short time makes life difficult.


The good news about rain? You don’t have to shovel it. When it’s over, usually that’s the whole story. The flowers and other plants love and need it. It refills our wells.  Our water pressure gets better when the well is full.

The bad news?


Mud. Yucky, sucking black mud. With many paws coming in and out of the house, the amount of dirt is impressive. It doesn’t take long to make our living room floor suitable for planting.

If the rain continues with enthusiasm for a long time, the valley will flood. The rivers rise over their banks and try to eat the towns. This is a river valley in which every town is built along one or more rivers, so it’s messy.


Basements flood. We’ve got a system of French drains as well as a sump and a pump. In recent years, this has been enough to keep the water outside, but if it gets bad enough … well, it goes to show you never can tell.

Anyone who has ever been in a flood knows what I mean. You can’t hold back water.

It starts with a drop, continues with millions upon millions of drops. After which, there is the mud.



This time of year is dominated by the sunrise. Or, at least it is for me. This year has not been spectacular, but it has been lovely.


Are these oddball? I can’t say. I took them all very early in the morning. Just at or immediately after dawn. I shot from a window off my bedroom where I keep a camera in case I see something.


It could be the dawn, a bird, clouds, or anything else. I can grab a picture before it gets away and often, these pictures are so ephemeral, they exist for mere seconds.


Moreover, I took all of these without benefit of eyeglasses. I’m was not entirely sure what I got — if anything — until I download the pictures to my computer sometimes days later.



All of these were taken on the morning of my birthday. It was a lovely morning. A rosy dawn, a golden sunrise. A good day to be alive.


After many years of not watching “The X Files,” Garry and I ran out of stuff to watch. So … we started watching the series. Now, maybe a dozen episodes in, I have some thoughts on conspiracies and secrets.

x-files poster

Has anyone ever confided a secret to you? The moment that happened, it stopped being a secret.

Have you ever told someone something, then realized you shouldn’t have said anything? Wished you hadn’t said it? Asked them to please, not tell anyone else?

top secret 2

How did that work out for you?

Now. Think about getting the entire military-industrial complex including politicians — basically the who’s-who of power in the nation and the world — to keep a secret. For decades. And not tell anyone.

That’s my point. Not that aliens might be here — now or in the past — but that a secret of such magnitude could or would be kept for a day, much less decades. Not going to happen in this or anyplace where there’s a press corps. Maybe not in any country where the Internet and computers exist. Which is … everywhere.