I am appalled by the idea of anyone watching me as I write. Yikes. I’d never get anything done.

Marilyn birthday portrait writer

Writing has always been my most private activity. The deeper I am into the process, the more reclusive I am. While writing my book, I was effectively missing for a year. Even working as technical writer, I needed to be alone to do my thing. No interruption. No chit-chat. Writing is solitary … but never lonely.

Sometimes, while writing, I’m so far gone that anyone trying to talk to me will cause me to jump out of my seat. I am oblivious to the world around me until I surface for a bite to eat, or some sleep.

If someone creates “WITSEC for Writers,” sign me up!

8 thoughts on “WITSEC FOR WRITERS

  1. I think you must be heavily into the right side of the brain when you are writing. The same thing happens when I paint or I’m into the creative process with music.

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  2. absolutely. I learned early on, when Im writing, it’s mine. Show it to someone half way through and it’s no one’s. I dont discuss it, I don’t mention the act or the fact of writing this piece or that–if someone says, are you writing, I’ll say, “always.” =)/

    It seems to take the focus away from what is, at that point, a personal/private event.


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