I think I’m losing my battle with the virus that has me in its grip. I feel like I got run over, then the car backed up and made sure I was dead. I’m supposed to go into Boston for the cardiology annual checkup and pacemaker tune up. I don’t think it’s going to happen. I’m wobbly.

out-sick1I’m actually unstable on my feet; Garry is just as bad. Driving 150 miles in two directions doesn’t seem like the world’s greatest idea, so I’m going to reschedule.

I’ve been rescheduling everything, every day. This thing” won’t quit. Sorry folks, I’m down for the count.

36 thoughts on “NERVELESS

  1. The crud seems to be really cruddy this year. I’m currently getting over Crud #2 of the winter after having not been sick once in 5 years. Mom and Dad are both sick. Everyone’s sick. The typical March seesaw weather surely isn’t helping. Sending a heaping pot of virtual chicken noodle soup your way…


    • I think our immune systems weaken with age. A cold that used to last three days lasts weeks. I see it amongst my friends, too. We don’t bounce back well. On the UP side, I get sick a lot less often, so while whatever I get tends to hang around a longer time, I don’t get sick more than once a year … twice, in a bad year. i think I’m immune to most things by now.


  2. I couldn’t bring myself to press the like on this one. But I wish you well Marilyn. Both of you. Sending warm wishes for a speedy recovery. Take care.


  3. Get well soon Marilyn and perhaps have a check to see what it is. I can see your problems with being in an isolated place. If I didn’t have Mr. Swiss to drive me everywhere, I would be lost. I just don’t like driving any more.


    • Normally, Garry drives. But he’s sick too, so it’s hard. We actually went to the doctor for this one last week and it was declared “the thing that’s going around.” Viral. Nothing to do but wait it out. Which we are doing. It just seems to be dragging on and on.


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