Ode to Spring

“Spring has sprung,

The Grass has riz,

I wonder where the flowers is?

The little bird is on the wing,

But that’s absurd!

Because the wing is on the bird!”

A ditty by Unknown

It will be near 70 degrees tomorrow. That’s 21 in Celsius, by the way. Weather just doesn’t get nicer than this.

72-crocus 2015_01

This is it. We wait for it all year. We dream of it while we shovel tons of snow and wash the residue of salt from our car’s under-body.

Solomon's Seal

Solomon’s Seal

We yearn for it through mud season while mopping the mess off the floors. Will winter never end? Will spring never come?


Winter ended.

Spring came.

I wonder where the flowers is?

15 thoughts on “SPRING IS SPRUNG

  1. it comes and goes here, but today was an afternoon outside on the porch as the sun was shining. And we have new neighbours and there was a box of chocolates in front of the main door as a welcome gift with a note on it introducing themselves. Now to meet them in person eventually. They are the sort of neighbours that bring some Spring into the atmosphere.


  2. I’m possibly the only perverse weirdo (except the ski bums who remain in denial as long as possible by skiing on random glaciers) who hates to see winter go. Bear and I are both big fans of snow. BUT stuff has to grow and that’s how it is. I look at fall as beautiful wrapping on snow drifts to come. 🙂


    • I love the look of snow. I love the soft white enfolding of snow falling. I love it for about 24 hours, after which, I want it to go away and leave me good footing and no mud. So, I live in the heaviest snow belt in New England. Go figure, right? Bishop would agree with you about snow. He will sleep in a snowdrift because he likes sleeping in snowdrifts. He lets the small dogs sleep on top of him.

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      • I think I would love Bishop. ❤ I can see him and Bear having giant snow parties. I can't really explain why I love snow. Like many loves, it's probably irrational. Our recent spring snow is all gone, but at least yesterday I could take Bear to the piles left by the snow plows all around the high school. She sees snow and she PULLS me to it and afterwards, she's very grateful. She will sleep on the permafrost in the back yard. I guess it's lucky we found each other. 🙂


        • We get a LOT of snow here. 10 to 12 feet is not uncommon. You get less than half that. It’s not that I don’t like snow. It’s that it makes life difficult, makes driving hazardous, and turns our driveway into a bunny slope. It’s also expensive. We need a plow for the driveway. It’s more than 150 feet long, and when there’s 2+ feet of fresh snow on it, we’re locked in until a plow can make time for us. Then there’s shoveling the roof so it won’t collapse under the weight of snow buildup. This winter was easy. El Nino kept us warm so we got more rain, less snow and ice. But next year? Who knows?

          Bishop is a sweetie. He’s getting old, but so far, so good. He’s arthritic and like me, once he gets moving, he’s okay, more or less. But he still loves snow and with that coat, I think he’s most comfortable in winter. When he forgets he’s old, he still runs around and rolls in the drifts.

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