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Evil Squirrel's Nest

This is a news flash from the Evil Squirrel’s Nest News Network!

People all across the world are reporting strange sightings!  Social media sites are abuzz with news of bizarre appearances of a mysterious creature that has been dubbed “The Rainbow Donkey”.  ESNNN exclusively obtained the following photo the Balzac family took while vacationing in Colorado, one of the first alleged sightings of the rainbow beast.

rd vacation Wish you were here!

What is that mysterious being in the background, and why is Rover not the least bit interested in it?

These alarming eyewitness reports of this strange multicolored beast have occurred almost everywhere, from densely populated cities to the middle of nowhere!

rd desert That is the cutest little mirage I’ve ever supposedly seen.

Hallucinations, you say?  Perhaps the work of the same clever con men who made all of those crop circles appear?  So what if people are seeing unicorns, you might…

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