We are not a shopping Mecca. We aren’t an education center, lacking even a community college of our own. We have no public transportation, not even a taxi. But I am thrilled to announce that after a long baked goods drought … Uxbridge has cupcakes!

cupcake girl header

Driving home from our first doctor’s appointment of the day, we were stuck behind one of the many slow drivers who delight in tormenting us … and when I looked to my right, I caught my breath. What to my wondering eyes should appear, but a cupcake bakery!

“Pull over,” I yelled to Garry.

What?” he said.

“Pull over. Here. Now!”

And he did. Puzzled, but figuring there must be an emergency of which he was unaware. I leapt from the car and hustled into the bakery. Glancing at the price list (wow, not cheap … but hey, a great cupcake is worth it), I bravely announced: “I’ll take six.”


Two carrot. Two key lime. Two strawberry shortcake.

I brought them back to the car. “What was that about?” asked Garry.

“Cupcakes, my darling. Beautiful, elegant cupcakes.”

He didn’t understand and I didn’t explain. Until we got home. Then, I showed him the cupcakes.

“Aha,” he said. Selecting a carrot cupcake, he bit into it. “Oh,” he said. And sighed.

I ate one of the key limes. Later, I devoured a strawberry shortcake. This morning, I had the remaining carrot, and Garry ate the second key lime.


One strawberry shortcake remains.

Cupcakes. They aren’t just for elementary school parties anymore.


    • I et the final cupcake yesterday. DEE-lish. We’re gonna try their meat pies next. Mom used to make wonderful meat pies with recipes from our family in the Virgin Islands. I think Mom even gave Marilyn some of those recipes. Mom liked Marilyn even if she didn’t show it. I believe Mom also liked me…

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  1. I think the cupcake lady has replaced the other dry cleaning store. There’s a joke in there, I think.
    No wrinkles in the cupcakes.


  2. Looks like Uxbridge is becoming a world town. Do you already have a Macdonalds and Starbucks. If you do then it will definitely become one of those places where everyone has to go. I always made my own cupcakes, but naturally not as ornate and decorated as the Uxbridge models. You have more than Feldbrunnen (which is not difficult with 1,000 population) or even Solothurn with more than 30,000 population. Of course Solothurn has a Konditor as we call them, but no cupcakes. We are a deprived people, I will now definitely apply for a visa for the states.

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